Scholl Party Feet Invisible Gel Cushions Review

I love wearing heels but hate the pain by end of the day. The feeling you get when you take them off for few minutes is unbearable. The most painful part of the feet that hurts at least for me is the ball of feet. I recently saw the advertisement of these gel cushions somewhere and realized that I should give them a try. Read on to know how these worked for me.
Scholl Party Feet Invisible Gel Cushions

Product Description:
The Scholl Party Feet Invisible Gel ball cushions are unobtrusive, ultra-thin gel pads that prevent burning in strained footpad.
• Anti -slip technology, non-slip grip.
• Washable and reusable.
• Ideal for all shoes and sandals with high heels.
• Medical pressure and friction.

Cost: 2.95€ for a pair

My Experience with Scholl Party Feet Invisible Gel Cushions:

The packaging is handy and cushions come in a cardboard envelope. You can easily carry it in a handbag or even a clutch. The gel cushions are transparent in color making them invisible. The material used is very soft and flexible. It looks like a thick sticker. The cover can be peeled off from the back of the pad and can be stuck on the problem area of the shoe/slipper/sandals. This specific product is aimed for balls of feet.

They are transparent and hence invisible. The adhesive on the cushion is of very high quality. They stay put till you peel them away. It’s very easy to peel them off and the footwear is nowhere damaged or even left sticky when the cushions are removed. The gel cushion also provides a good friction since the surface is textured. This prevents the feet from slipping.

The gel cushions are so comfortable and my feet don’t burn at the balls anymore. The gel cushions provide more stability when the feet is little sweaty. I wish I had found this product earlier.
One more positive thing about the product is that it’s reusable. By reusable I mean you can wash it with warm water and stick it to another pair of shoes. The adhesive is too good and does not have problems even after washing. Since they are gel based and have good quality adhesive, the footwear is nowhere damaged during the process of sticking or removing or reapplying.
scholl gel cushion

Over all it’s a must have product for all heel wearers. I can’t recommend it enough. The only problem I see is that, when the shoe is of perfect size and you insert the gel pads then feet get squeezed. So it’s better to buy shoes half a size bigger and then stick the pads and they are ready to wear and flaunt.

Pros of Scholl Party Feet Invisible Gel Cushions:

• Reusable.
• Washable.
• Can be used with all kinds of footwear.
• Transparent.
• Anti-slip.

Cons of Scholl Party Feet Invisible Gel Cushions:

• Can’t use with snug footwear.

IMBB Rating: 4.5/5

Will I Repurchase Scholl Party Feet Invisible Gel Cushions?
Yes. I have been using mine with different shoes for different reasons and my feet thanked me. It makes wearing heels a lot easier.

Do I Recommend Scholl Party Feet Invisible Gel Cushions?
100%. You will be amazed to notice how much pain is reduced.

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