Schwarzkopf Bonacure Oil Miracle Light Finishing Treatment Review

Schwarzkopf Bonacure Oil Miracle Light Finishing Treatment

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These days I’m more focused on hair care products rather than skin care products I’m testing every possible product to make my hair more manageable and healthy. As you all know I love Kerastase Products, after using Kerastase now,I’m currently lovingSchwarzkopf BC Bonacure Oil Miracle Light Finishing Treatment.

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BC Oil Miracle offers a full care range for indulgent services in-salon and premium Oil Care regimes for:
• Opulent shine
• Caressable softness
• Non-overburdening


BC Oil Miracle Finishing Treatments are based on the breakthrough Evaporating Technology, bestowing precious softness & opulent shine without leaving residues on the hair or overburdening it.



PRICE:Rs. 1250/- for 100ml

MY experience with Schwarzkopf Bonacure Oil Miracle Light Finishing Treatment :

The product comes in a classy teardrop shaped bottle globular form at the bottom, tapering to a point at the top, it looks elegant while sitting on my dressing table and the packaging is travel friendly, it comes with a twist cap but I like products like serum or oil in flip top cap as the required amount of product comes out. The fragrance is very pleasant can’t exactly define it but yes somehow like Kerastase Elixir UltimeSerum, but it does not linger for long. The texture of this oil is watery as it is a light finishing oil, the product is dark yellow in color. This does not make hair greasy at all. The hair dresser recommends this to use after blow dry or straightening or it you use any chemical procedure for hair. I use this light finishing oil after my hair wash or sometimes I skip masque and use this along with the shampoo, mixing it with shampoo with ratio 1:3 and the results are amazing.It absorbs instantly within few seconds of rubbing I mainly focus on my hair ends to prevent split ends. I can’t say it prevents  split ends but yes it does its job of giving nourishment to hair, hair feels shiny, soft and manageable. If you are a person with rebonded hair this is a must have for you, as after hair straightening the hair dressers suggest not to use hair oils like olive oil, coconut oil for few months, you can use this for hair nourishment and shine. You will get results within first use , after first application hair feels soft and smooth. But the downside is the price its so damn expensive but for the results it gives it is a worth trying. I always use Kerastase products or you can say I love Kerastase products but after using this I’m surely getting a new bottle in few days and I recommend this product to all the beauties who love to  experiment with their hair whether it is regular blow dry, using flat iron, curling, coloring, permanent straightening or whatever, just buy this, you will surely fall in love with this. This works for every hair type from thinner to thicker but for extra thick hair I recommend  it’s another variant, the thicker oil.




Pros Of Schwarzkopf BC Bonacure Oil Miracle Light Finishing Treatment:

• Contains Argan oil.
• Leaves hair soft and shiny
• Before blow-drying as a heat protectant.
• Controls the frizz after hair wash.
• Works for every hair type



Cons Of Schwarzkopf BC Bonacure Oil Miracle Light Finishing Treatment:

• Contains Dimethiconol.
• Expensive

IMBB Rating: 4/5

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    1. Yes it is *thankyou* you can get it at Looks salon, here in jaipur
      Style and Scissor and many more salons supply this 🙂

  1. Hi. I am a little confused. This works as a serum right ? or an oil ?
    and I have thick hair wherein if I run around a little with my hair loose, it will be all over the place. Will this help tame it ? ie keep it straight and smooth until the next wash .

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