Schwarzkopf Bonacure Volume Boost Shampoo

Schwarzkopf Bonacure Volume Boost Shampoo

Schwarzkopf Bonacure Volume Boost Shampoo

What the Company Claims about Schwarzkopf Bonacure Volume Boost Shampoo:

For a visible lift in body. New BC VOLUME BOOST adds an extra lift in volume to fine and delicate hair, thanks to its exceptional BAMBOO LIFT COMPLEX and provides essential care. For strong hair full of volume and healthy shine.

Volume boost shampoo


Bambusa Vulgaris Extract:  Bamboo is the fastest growing plant on earth. Its fibres are hard but extremely flexible and resistant. Bamboo leaves contain a high protein level.
Panthenol:  Balances the natural moisture level of the hair.
Amino Cell Rebuild Technology:  Penetrates deeply.





INR 540.



250 ml.




clear gel

My Take on Schwarzkopf Bonacure Volume Boost Shampoo:

I have straight, limp, and thin hair, so I always need a shampoo to add some volume to my tresses. This shampoo was recommended by a hair stylist to me around last year.

The shampoo is clear, gel type, has no colour/shimmer particles, etc., in it. The fragrance is very mild, pleasant, something familiar, but I really can’t describe about it.

I always take some shampoo and dilute it with water, create foam and then apply it to the scalp. I never apply shampoo directly to my scalp.

This shampoo lathers up decently, I would not say grand amount of lather (which normal/drugstore brand shampoos create), but just appropriate to clean my hair completely. Reason being that this has SLES (Sodium Laureth Sulphate) and not SLS (Sodium Laurel Sulphate). In simple words, most of the companies make shampoos which contains SLS, which is used to produce lather. The other sulphate, SLES is not harmful for hair, but does not produce good lather. Since the time I have learnt this fact, I am always on a look out for shampoos which have SLES. Thankfully, this shampoo from Schwarzkopf meets this requirement.

The shampoo does work on my thin hair and provides good volume and bounce. I can easily skip shampooing my hair for at least 2 days when I use this, which was quite unimaginable for me when I was using normal shampoos, as on the second day after washing, my hair would like horribly limped.

I do not oil my hair before shampoo, so I cannot comment how well it can remove oil completely from scalp. Also, I notice that it can leave your hair a little dry, so you might need a mild conditioner or leave-in treatment after this.

Overall, I like this shampoo a lot and I have been using this since January 2011 and I don’t see myself shifting to another brand as of now.

What I Like about Schwarzkopf Bonacure Volume Boost Shampoo:

  • Gives good volume and bounce to thin hair.
  • Cleans my hair and scalp well.
  • I haven’t noticed any hair fall due to this.
  • Contains SLES which is not harmful for hair.
  • Easy-to-use packaging.

What I Do Not Like about Schwarzkopf Bonacure Volume Boost Shampoo:

  • Sometimes makes my hair a little dry.
  • Is a little expensive.
  • Schwarzkopf products are not easily available.
  • Just gives volume to hair, do not expect it to work on hair re-growth 😛

IMBB Rating:

4 ON 5 :-* :-* :-* :-*

On the SCHWARZKOPF official website, I found these nice professional tips for more hair volume, so thought of sharing it with you all here.

Women with fine hair face a double whammy. Their hair is thin and it has a weak structure. Thin hair with its lower volume relative to the surface tends to dry out easier (especially the ends), can be easily damaged by environmental influences and all too soon feels unwashed and limb (at the base). In addition, the hair is weak and limp, so that improper care products immediately weigh it down and keep it flat. It is therefore essential to use the proper care products, which are adapted to this particular hair type and are designed to create more volume. In the information box below, you find some professional advice on how to achieve optimal results for this hair type.

Remarkable in this context is the fact that many women will classify their hair type as ‘fine’ far too easily. Quite often, hair stylists notice the tendency to equate ‘straight’ with ‘fine’. When all rinses, sprays and styling tricks have failed to bring the desired success it may be time for a new evaluation. A professional hair analysis will provide clarity.

More Hair Volume: Seven Professional Tricks:

Hard and fast rule for the use of all products for fine hair: Less is more!

Since the shampoo affects every part of the hair, always use volumising shampoo for fine hair. It is frequently not possible to detangle the hair without using a conditioning lotion. This however could be the end of any volume at the base of the hair. You can make sure that this does not happen by applying conditioner only at the ends where it is needed
Fine hair is soon fatty and the hair volume tends to vanish quickly. Daily shampooing and styling is therefore appropriate. If you have a good powder shampoo you may however skip a day now and then. The powder takes up moisture and fat, reduces shine at the base of the hair and produces more volume.

Hair care professionals can deliver the most effective beauty trick for fine hair; they can streak your hair. Bleaching the hair strands makes the hair surface rougher, which leads to a greater hair volume. The streaks themselves also contribute to the appearance of more volume because they visually enrich the appearance.

Parting your hair differently every time is another trick to create more volume. Even one centimetre distance (less than half an inch) places the hair roots in a new position and gives your hair more bounce at its base.

Silicon-containing liquids are magic elixirs, which will bring instant lustre to your hair. They can be used for fine hair as well providing they are applied in a targeted way and sparingly only on individual strands and at the ends. This produces the most brilliant shimmer effects in your hair without weighing your hair down.

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  1. Ah, a shampoo JUST right for me. I am the best friend of all good volume boosting shampoos. :toothygrin: Now, I just have to find out where to buy this from. Schwarzkopf products can be hard to locate sometimes. 😐

  2. i loved your review, its detailed and informative, thnx for the info tht u have mentioned !! didnt know soo much !!! Looks good !! :thumbsup:

  3. hey thanks for the review! i have fine brittle hair too n need to wash every alternate day 🙁 this might be useful for me :jiggy1:

  4. Nupurrrrrrrrrrrrrrr…good review………………is there someting for curly hair that you have seen in Schwarzkopf………. 🙂 🙂

  5. I’ve used their repair rescue one, the red one n it was this was a bit drying for my already dry hair. Glad it worked for u :))

  6. ” Parting your hair differently every time is another trick to create more volume. ” really kya? I will try. 😀 😀 I have never tired schwarkopf products. :(( I like loooong botlle. 😀 It’s like caaaarrrr 😛 😛

    1. haan Rati maine bhi try kia hai, it does work :victory2: :victory2:
      but you toh already have sooo much volume :worship: :worship: :worship: :worship:

  7. I also want to try these fancy volumising wale shampoos and de-frizzing conditioners. :teeth But my Amma won’t let me because she thinks, “My hair is too sad to be able to handle such risky buisness.” 😥 😥 😥
    Great review,Nupur di! :thumbsup:

  8. Nice review. But where can I buy the schwarzkopf shampoos from? I am located in bangalore. Any suggestions will be really welcome.

  9. I am very disaapointed after using this shampoo. my friend recommended it. I was using the green one ( volume boost) . Results are really horrible , it makes my hair fizzy and dry like jhadu.

  10. my only problem is the electricity of my hair after use 🙁 I used the shampoo and after styling, my hair was flying , I thought maybe it’s because of not using the conditioner. I bought the conditioner and it made it better but I still suffer from the electricity of my hair. What can I do?

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