Schwarzkopf Gliss Hair Repair Total Repair Conditioner Review

Hello beauties,
My hair is pretty damaged and I am always hunting for some perfect conditioner to treat my hair. Although, I know that such products cannot repair the hair but they can surely make the entire look seem less damaged. I have already reviewed the Wonder Spray Serum from this range, the shampoo and now I am here with the conditioner. So let’s see how it worked for me.

Schwarzkopf Gliss Hair Repair Total Repair Conditioner Review

Price: Rs 899 for 400 ml

Product Description:
From Schwarzkopf, Gliss Total Repair Shampoo with liquid keratin. The shampoo is ideal for dry, damaged hair. The Gliss formula contains 19 active ingredients which reduce hair breakage by up to 90% and leaves the hair feeling supple, healthy and shiny.


• Total Repair shampoo from Gliss
• Suitable for dry, damaged hair
• Specifically targets and repairs damaged areas on the surface and deep inside the hair
• The repair formula contains 19 active ingredients

My Experience with Schwarzkopf Gliss Hair Repair Total Repair Conditioner:

Packaging: The total repair ranges comes in white packaging. So this bottle too comes in a pearly white packaging. The bottle is an inverted one hence I don’t have to squeeze the long bottle to get the conditioner out. It has a flip open cap which is pretty convenient to use but I need to be cautious since I have long nails. It has all the details nicely written over it and the claims are written in such a way that it might attract anyone to buy it. While there are other sizes available, this particular size is not travel-friendly. But the packaging is pretty sturdy, so the small sizes can be carried around.


Consistency and feel on the hair: The conditioner is pretty thick and feels like a spa treatment when applied. It is thicker than the normal conditioners. I keep the conditioner for 2 minutes and then rinse it off. It feels very light-weight on the hair and slathers very smoothly on my hair due to the thick creamy consistency. It makes my hair instantly straight the moment I apply it. It has a really nice perfumed fragrance which is very pleasant and not over-powering too.


Results: After rinsing the conditioner, my hair feel amazingly soft and smooth. It detangles my hair very nicely and I could feel the absence of kinks and knots in my hair. The conditioner provides a lot of moisture and hydration to the hair. My hair feel healthier after each use but you will only see the difference if you use it regularly. The split-ends are still there but they are less visible. I feel using the entire range together works better than using it with different products. Every time I use this, my hair looks less damaged and in fact they look bouncier and shinier. I loved this entire range for my hair type because it does what it says.


Pros of Schwarzkopf Gliss Hair Repair Total Repair Conditioner:

• Available in different sizes and affordable too.
• An entire range available for synergistic effects.
• Thick consistency and my hair get drenched in it.
• Instantly makes my hair straight and soft.
• Detangles my hair very well.
• Easy to rinse and does not weigh down my hair.
• Adds a little bounce to my hair.
• Makes y hair more silkier and smoother.
• The visibility of the split ends has reduced and hair look less damaged.
• Prevents frizz.

Cons of Schwarzkopf Gliss Hair Repair Total Repair Conditioner:

• Won’t repair the hair completely.

IMBB Rating: 4.5/5

Will I Recommend Schwarzkopf Gliss Hair Repair Total Repair Conditioner?
Yes, highly recommended for dry and damaged hair. Get the entire range and you will see your hair transforming.

Conclusion: I love Schwarzkopf products since they work extremely well for my hair type!

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  1. Schwarzkopf is such an amazing brand. loved your detailed review. i am totally adding this to my wishlist. so happy to be reading your reviews again! 🙂

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