Schwarzkopf Gliss Kur Hair Repair 6 Miracles Oil Essence Review

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Recently, I changed my hair care products. I incorporated oils for my hair, as my ends were becoming brittle and dry. Schwarzkopf has a big name in the hair industry and I picked up oils from their range and today’s review is on Schwarzkopf Gliss Kur Hair Repair 6 Miracles Oil Essence. So read on to know more:


What the company claims:

6-in-1 Repair:
The unique formula with precious caring oils fulfills the six main requirements for gorgeous beautiful hair, for all hair types.
6-dimensional hair restoration
1. More flexibility and long-term maintenance of the hairstyle.
2. Protects against heat during blow-drying.
3. Prevents split ends.
4. Gives the hair more resistance.
5. Anti-lint control and provides crisp hair.
6. Luxurious, well cared for by its intensive care.

Usage: 1-2 times pumps and apply to wet or (towel) dry hair, the hair lengths and points, without rinsing.
Protect from direct sunlight and cold.


Price: €10.99 for 75ml



My Experience with Schwarzkopf Gliss Kur Hair Repair 6 Miracles Oil Essence:


I want to grow my hair long but I keep getting split ends and my ends are becoming dry, damaged and brittle. Recently, I received a tip from a fellow colleague that applying Moroccan Argan oil to the ends makes hair beautiful. Argan oils were very pricey and I started looking for alternatives which contained Argan oil along with other ingredients at a lesser price and that is how I came across this product.


The oil bottle is packed and sealed in a cardboard box and has all the necessary info on it. The Oil comes in a dark crimson yellow plastic pump bottle. The dark color of the bottle is to keep the oils from oxidizing I believe! The pump is golden yellow in color and the cap is transparent. The oil is transparent and the dispensing of the oil is easy. There is no leakage and the bottle is travel friendly. The oil has a serum kind of consistency and thick. The smell puts me off, it has an oily smell and there is no fragrance, I wish they added it so that it could linger in the hair. Fortunately, the weird oil smell stays only for few minutes and fades away. Two pumps are enough for chest level hair and it can be applied to dry or wet hair. After a hair wash my hair is always a ball of tangles, if I don’t use a conditioner and when I apply this oil, it automatically detangles itself and by the time it is dry, my hair is smooth and easily manageable. The oil also adds shine to the hair.


I do not use a lot of heat products expect a blow dryer occasionally but this product protects hair against heat. So, it plays a dual role in protecting and managing the hair. I have been using the product only for a week now and it is very soon to comment on its split end prevention but from the time I have been using the product, I have noticed that my hair ends are nourished and hydrated and are not very dry. The hair oil is non sticky and doesn’t give an oily look to the hair but instead adds shine and makes hair smooth. The hair oil manages frizz effectively, as the oil dries, I apply to the flyaway and the oil tames it making it look smooth and manageable.


If you have unruly hair that it difficult to manage and keep in place, this product comes to the rescue. The product smoothens the hair and makes it silky. It doesn’t change the hair texture which I like. It is a perfect leave in conditioner your hair would require. It is recommended to be applied only on the hair ends and applying on the scalp/ roots makes it look oily. The hair oil is light and doesn’t weigh down the hair. The oil however has to be reapplied daily and it is not like the traditional oil. The oil doesn’t do any miracles to damaged hair but it maintains healthy hair. So, before using the oil, if you get a cut and then start using the oil, it maintains the hair and prevents occurrence of splits/ dryness or damage. Overall, the oil is a good product but it does contain some silicones which implies that it coats the strand making it smooth but too much usage will cause build up and damage. So summing up:


Pros of Schwarzkopf Gliss Kur Hair Repair 6 Miracles Oil Essence:

• Makes hair smooth and soft.
• Makes hair manageable by removing tangles.
• Helps maintain a healthy hairstyle.
• Can be used as a heat protectant.
• Reduces frizz.
• Adds shine to the hair.
• Makes hair silky.
• A good leave in conditioner.
• Travel friendly.
• Prevents future damage to the hair.
• Contains 6 hair healthy oils.

Cons of Schwarzkopf Gliss Kur Hair Repair 6 Miracles Oil Essence:

• Costly.
• Contains silicones as base.

IMBB rating: 4.5/5
Would I Recommend Schwarzkopf Gliss Kur Hair Repair 6 Miracles Oil Essence? 
Yes, but I would recommend using it alternate days instead daily!

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