Schwarzkopf Gliss Shea Cashmere Shampoo Review

Schwarzkopf Gliss Shea Cashmere Shampoo

Happy Diwali to All!

Here we are, in the most awaited festive season of Hindu calendar. All these years as a student, Diwali was special because it involves a lot of shopping, decoration, get- together with cousins and old friends. But now as a working professional, I’m more excited about the holiday part and the fact that I can cheat on my diet regime :p. I’m  also waiting for lots of Diwali OOTD’s on IMBB this year.


Today, I’ll be reviewing a shampoo from Schwarzkopf meant for dry and rough hair. For shampoos, I stick to my old favorite Organix; but this time I decided to try Schwarzkopf because my mom swears by its color-protect range. Though I have an oily scalp, but lately due to the changing weather, the ends of my mane have started splitting and fraying. So, I took this one from my mom’s stash. Lets find out how did it fare on my oily scalp and dry ends.



Rs. 520 for 400ml

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The shampoo comes in a 400ml beige- colored plastic bottle with a flip top cap. it is sturdy and convenient to use but not at all travel-friendly.

My Experience with Schwarzkopf Gliss Shea Cashmere Shampoo:

I have a thing for nice-smelling products and this is one such shampoo. It has the buttery cocoa and vanilla fragrance….. doesn’t that sound perfect for fall mornings? The consistency of the shampoo is pearly beige, neither too thick nor too runny. The first impression is quite good I would say.

The shampoo lathers quite well and washes away all the residue in just one wash. What I don’t like much about creamy shampoos is that they leave behind the slippery feel and coat your hair; but this one washed away really well without wasting gallons of water, leaving your hair smooth and tangled. It imparts a nice shine to my hair and doesn’t weigh them down even although its meant for dry hair. Though it doesn’t helps in controlling the oil secretion on the scalp, I need to avoid the conditioner when I’m using this shampoo. But I’m sure, dry hair would love it.


Pros of Schwarzkopf Gliss Shea Cashmere Shampoo:

• Washes and cleans hair quite well without leaving behind a slippery residue.
• Hydrating enough for dry hair.
• It leaves your hair soft and supple without weighing them down.
• Smoothens and detangles very well.
• Cocoa butter fragrance which is long lasting.
• Lathers very well.
• Even though its creamy and meant for dry hair, it doesn’t leave your hair limp.
• Inexpensive considering the amount being provided (it’s a family-sized bottle).

Cons of Schwarzkopf Gliss Shea Cashmere Shampoo:

• The long list of chemicals!
• Doesn’t control oil on scalp so it’s a downer for oily scalp in summers.
• The bulky bottle is not travel-friendly.
• Schwarzkopf shampoos are not easily available.


Do I recommend Schwarzkopf Gliss Shea Cashmere Shampoo?

I whole-heartedly recommend this to people with dry and damaged hair. I would also suggest you to buy the conditioner as well from this range. For me,the shampoo alone also gives good enough results. As for people with an oily scalp like me, stay away from it during summers. But in winters, our hair start to dry out a bit here and there, you may give it a try then.


Will I buy Schwarzkopf Gliss Shea Cashmere Shampoo again?

I’m definitely finishing this bottle up but I wont buy it again and that is only because of the chemicals. After being a regular on IMBB, I am staying away from chemical-laden haircare. I wash my hair 3-4 times in a week and I make it sure that at least 2 washes/week are chemical free.

IMBB rating:


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