Schwarzkopf Junior Power Styling Gellac Review

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Most of us have hair problems and it is really tough to manage those flyaways and frizz hair when you are neatly dressed up for an occasion, and this is when the styling spray or gel comes to picture. The main job of the styling products is to keep your mane in place and keep that hairstyle of yours intact. So today I am here with a gel based hairspray that does work wonders. So read on!

Schwarzkopf Junior Power Styling Gellac Review

I have translated it from Dutch. I would have missed few words but this is the gist:

The Styling Gellac is useful for modeling loose picking or trendy spikes and offers very strong support to your hairstyle. The handy spray makes the gellac distribute evenly over the hair without having to use your hands. The Styling Gellac combine the convenience of a spray with the styling possibilities of a gel! The fine spray leaves no residue formula.

With Junior Power Styling you can create super easy trendiest hairstyles that suit you best. 24h a day, 7 days a week. The formulas provide optimal control and fixation at any time of the day.

Styling tips:
Styles: spray on damp or dry hair and apply with your fingers or a comb hair styling.

Accents: spray on at least 25 cm distance to the desired parts of the hair to accentuate loose picking or trendy spikes.

Extra volume: Spray from the roots of the hair.

Special effects: For super strong hold and shine style your hair first with Junior Power Styling Gel.

€  3.49for 150ml

My Experience with Schwarzkopf Junior Power Styling Gellac:

My experience with Schwarzkopf products has been good. I have used their curling cream and it did give me great results and when I picked this up I was confident enough, and luckily it lives up to the expectations. I have used hold sprays for my hairstyle earlier too, but I feel gel gives better support when you need to tame those small hair that pop out and stand straight. But getting messy in hands and having to wash them every time you use is not a good option. When I recently had my haircut, my hairstylist used this range to tame the hair for the perfect finish and when your hairstylist uses something, it has to be good and that is how I ended up buying the product.


The product comes in a plastic black spray bottle. I liked the fact that it is plastic as I am not a big fan of the metal spray bottles that make a bang sound as I drop them most of the times while spraying. The cap is a transparent one and I really hate it, as it blends itself in the things and makes itself disappear every time I use the spray.

As per the claims, it is a combination of gel and spray. Even though it is a spray, when you spray on your hand you can feel the watery gel consistency. The smell is different and not salon like. It is unisex, you can use it to tame the frizz, hold your hairstyle and your bitter..eerr…better half can use it to style the spikes too. The holding power of this gellac is level 2, so you cannot use to make Halloween hairstyles but it does help you in maintain that puff you set in your hair, or the curls.


The staying power is quite impressive, my hairstyle remained the same without any fly aways for more than 7 hours. I really liked the volume effect, you can back comb/ lift up your hair and spray it and it gives you a blowout effect; if you have layered hair you can turn your hair upside down, part and spray to the roots and this accentuates the layers. The spray doesn’t make hair greasy, and you do not feel the product in your hair. If you have styled your hair and need to hold it, this is the perfect product.

I have wavy hair and when I did spray it to my natural hair to maintain the light curl, it didn’t work, so for now I have been using it to maintain any styles and not for the daily use. It does contain chemicals, loads of them, so use it occasionally to prevent damage. I have seen that the range- Junior is not available in India yet and so availability could be an issue. So summing up,

Pros of Schwarzkopf Junior Power Styling Gellac:

• Holds the style for a longer time
• Fixes the flyaways
• Unisex
• Works as a hold spray and gel both
• Provides and accentuates volume if used correctly
• The price is comparatively cheaper than other products in this range
• Travel friendly

Cons of Schwarzkopf Junior Power Styling Gellac:

• Contains chemicals and thus not recommended for daily use
• The cap is transparent and can get lost often
• Availability

Will I Repurchase Schwarzkopf Junior Power Styling Gellac?

IMBB Rating:

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