Schwarzkopf Supersoft Volume Boost Shampoo Review

Hair type: Dry and damaged/thin/coloured

Hello sweeties,

Don’t you guys always see me doing “volume” products every now and then? Most of the products have tall claims for thin and fine hair but often don’t deliver desired results. And that is why I keep trying new products. I bought this shampoo a few weeks back because it claimed “volume” too. See whether it did so or not.

Schwarzkopf Supersoft Volume Boost Shampoo

Price: 1.49 GBP/Rs 130 for 400 ml
Product Description by Schwarzkopf:
Schwarzkopf Supersoft Volume Boost Shampoo strengthens your hair, cares down to the tips and is proven to gives the hair back what it has lost. With time hair loses protein and in turn can become dull and weak. Supersoft with intensive-care-protein regenerates the hair structure by replacing the protein that has been lost making hair more smooth, supple and healthy. The silicone-free formula with Collagen-Complex lifts the hair from the roots. It strengthens the hair and adds extra suppleness down to the tips. Without silicone, the formula smoothes the hair without weighing it down or leaving a residue. The result: Up to 70% more lift and volume.

Schwarzkopf Supersoft Volume Boost Shampoo details

Schwarzkopf Supersoft Volume Boost Shampoo ingredients

My Experience with Schwarzkopf Supersoft Volume Boost Shampoo:

Packaging: The shampoo comes in a big outward curved plastic green bottle. It has the details written over it in colourful fonts. The bottle is pretty sturdy and sits nicely on the shelf but at the same time it won’t be travel-friendly since it is heavy. The quantity offered is amazingly huge and that too at such a cheap price. However, the pricing is not standardised in India but these bottles are very affordable here as well as in the origin country. It also has a conditioner which can be used to get better results.

Schwarzkopf Supersoft Volume Boost Shampoo name

Consistency, smell and feel on the hair: The shampoo comes in light green colour and the consistency of the shampoo is more like a cleansing gel. It is neither very runny nor very thick. It goes very gentle on my hair just like a baby shampoo. It smells of juicy green apples which is very refreshing and totally revives the senses. The smell lingers in my hair for an hour or so and then it fades away. A little more than coin-sized quantity is required to cleanse my hair properly. But If I have oiled my hair, then I have to shampoo my hair twice and use more product.

Schwarzkopf Supersoft Volume Boost Shampoo packaging

Results: Like a regular shampoo, it cleans my hair amazingly well and refreshes my hair. It removes all the build-up in just one go. My hair feels bouncy and I can see my natural shine and bounce which I love. It leaves my hair soft, smooth and pampered. There is one thing about Schwarzkopf products that it makes my hair colour look fresh and new. Apart from that, I could see a good lift near my crown area. I think that much is enough for every-day routine. But if you think that this will give you extra-ordinary volume then it won’t. Overall a good shampoo for daily cleansing.

Pros of Schwarzkopf Supersoft Volume Boost Shampoo:

• Attractive packaging.
• Huge bottle and huge quantity.
• An entire range available.
• Very cheap in origin country.
• Silicone-free.
• Refreshing scent of green apples.
• Gives a lift near my roots.
• Makes my hair clean and fresh.
• Gives smooth and silky hair.

Schwarzkopf Supersoft Volume Boost Shampoo swatch

Cons of Schwarzkopf Supersoft Volume Boost Shampoo:

• No 70% volume increase.
• No standard price in India.
• Regular shampoo.

IMBB Rating: 3.8/5
Will I Repurchase/Recommend Schwarzkopf Supersoft Volume Boost Shampoo?
It is a great option to go for because the price is dirt cheap and the quantity is too huge. But I think I will buy something that will give me more volume.
Conclusion: If you are looking for some good budget-friendly hair-care products then do try the Schwarzkopf Supersoft range!

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