Schwarzkopf Supersoft Yogurt & Coconut Shampoo & Conditioner

Hi to all my IMBB friends,

I was down with fever so I was not active since last week.
Now..I am feeling better and so I thought to share with you one of my hair care regime. Also, this is my fourth review. I am going to review my favourite everyday schwarzkopf shampoo during winters.

I am not a big fan of hair oil.  Twice or thrice in a month I will put almond oil plus olive oil.I was continuously using Loreal salon series for my hair. I wanted an everyday shampoo that is not a salon series one.I started so much research and finally came up with this cute product.

Schwarzkopf SUPERSOFT YOGHURT & COCONUT SMOOTHIES for Dry Damaged hair. It includes a package of shampoo and conditioner.

Shampoo , Conditioner

About the product

Schwarzkopf Supersoft Yoghurt & Coconut Smoothie Shampoo(400 ml)
Schwarzkopf Supersoft Yoghurt & Coconut Smoothie Conditioner(250 ml)

I don’t remember the exact price as I bought so products at the same time. Anyways it was less than 5 GBP. It can be found in all superdrug,boots,wilkinson stores and other major department stores across UK. Its shell life is one year.

What Schwarzkopf claims about Supersoft Yoghurt & Coconut Smoothie


Nutrition for Hair
Supersoft’s rich and creamy Yoghurt Smoothie Shampoo’s contain Yoghurt protein. Supersoft’s Shampoo strengthens hair improving its texture and making it silky smooth.

Moisturising & Restoring
With Extract of Coconut, Supersoft Smoothie Shampoo restores and moisturises dry and damaged hair- for more healthy, manageable hair.

Directions: Massage into wet hair, lather and rinse thoroughly. Repeat if desired.
For best results use with Supersoft Yoghurt & Coconut Smoothie Conditioner.

Ingredients Conditioner

What I have to say about Supersoft Yoghurt & Coconut Smoothie Shampoo & Conditioner

First of all I was looking for an everyday shampoo which would help my un manageable hair particularly for the winters.
When I saw Schwarzkopf, the first thing that came to my mind was when I go for a hair spa, I have seen the hair expert using Schwarzkopf products.So I was quite ok with the brand. Then I saw a variety of Schwarzkopf Supersoft Series like Supersoft Yoghurt & Lime Smoothies (For Fine, Lifeless Hair), Supersoft Yoghurt & Peach Smoothies (For Normal Hair), Supersoft Yoghurt & Red Berries Smoothies (For Coloured Hair) and the Supersoft Yoghurt & Coconut Smoothies (For Dry, Damaged Hair)..So my next confusion was which one to choose from. Normal, fine, dry, coloured was dancing in front of me..Then I dropped coloured from the list..and now normal,fine and its winter my hair was drying too much.So blindly I went for
Supersoft Yoghurt & Coconut Smoothie.Now While Paying the bill I was worried about it smelling like yoghurt.When I reached home I thought of trying it..To my wonder It didn’t smell like yoghurt..I left a nice aroma, it reminded me of chocolate & butter scotch icecream which I totally loved…I felt the shampoo to be very light. I always mix my shampoo with some amount of water make it watery and then only I apply it onto hair. I dont use shampoo directly onto scalp. I felt my hair was getting a chocolate cum coconut treat. I felt my hair going smooth after the first wash and Now I opened the conditioner. I felt it to be too creamy.I didn’t notice any speciality with the conditioner except for the smell. I don’t think the conditioner nourished my hair well. But I am happy with the shampoo.I noticed that my hair remained soft and silky even after hours of shopping and roaming outside…and the fine fragrance remained throughout the day. I can tell you that this shampoo can be used everyday as it is not heavy. Full list of ingredients were given on the bottle.

Swatches: Top, conditioner, bottom shampoo

Swatch Conditioner

Swatch Shampoo

Pros and Cons of Supersoft Yoghurt & Coconut Smoothie Shampoo & Conditioner

Supersoft Yoghurt & Coconut Smoothie Shampoo
–>Not too pricey
–>leaves unmanageable hair silk and smoothy
–>fine chocolate and coconut treat for your lovely hair
–>can be used everyday

I can’t find any con for the schwarzkopf Supersoft Yoghurt & Coconut Smoothie Shampoo other its availability in India

Supersoft Yoghurt & Coconut Smoothie Conditioner(I didn’t find the conditioner good) so only cons
–>too creamy
–>didn’t nourish the hair

Will I repurchase

Don’t know.It depends. Maybe I will try Supersoft Yoghurt & Peach Smoothies (For Normal Hair).My all time favorite is L’oreal.This is just for an everyday use.

Have you tried any Supersoft series shampoo & conditioner from Schwarzkopf? If yes which one? Do you like it?
Which is your favourite shampoo?

Bye guys. Take care , and have a great time 🙂 🙂

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20 thoughts on “Schwarzkopf Supersoft Yogurt & Coconut Shampoo & Conditioner

  1. :yes: nice one Renji.. i personally avoid shampoos as much as possible aftr readin sm scary articles and personal experience of hair loss.. 🙁
    for cleansing i now use auravedic hair cleanser plus baba ramdev’s shampoo: both are good enough..suggest u try sm herbal or natural products like Freshline

    1. Salon Series of Schwarzkopf is superb…I think all major salons uses Schwarzkopf… I was seeing other series of everyday shampoo from Schwarzkopf for the first time and I was thrilled… very happy with shampoo…but Conditioner is not upto the mark…I wanna try the normal hair shampoo too

  2. I have never used an everyday shampoo from Schwarzkopf! Thanks for this review, Renji 🙂
    Will definitely try and check this one out!

  3. Nice review, though you should have written ‘chocolate and coconut treat’, that sounds a lot better :S I always thought Schwarzkopf had amazing products, thanks for letting us know they’re not always great!!

      1. Salon series from Schwarzkopf is always superb..But those which Come for everyday use is not soo pricey and…I think for everyday use only a mild shampoo is necessary ….If you do a salon hair spa monthly…Thats more thn enough….In yoghurt series conditioner is not so good…Dnt know abt other series… yet to try :shy:

        1. No problem 🙂 I was thinking of getting hair spa done and my salon uses only Schwartzkopf. But where can I find their shampoos for everyday use? Will they be available at salons?

    1. there are other series from Schwarzkopf which suits oily hair…Website link is given in the review..u can check their website…….

  4. i tried this product! BIG MISTAKE! soon as i was rinsing it off i knew it wasn’t a good product. it made my hair really heavy (even though i used to smallest amount), my ends were left feeling rougher than before! i recommend NOT to use this product. its a good job it was cheap other wise i would ask for a refund. 😐

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