Schwarzkopf Taft Curl Hair Mousse Review

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Hair is one of the aspects in our body that changes your appearances. A tiny style in the hair can also make wonders to your looks. I love curly hair and today’s review is about Schwarzkopf Taft Curl Hair Mousse. So read on to know more.

Schwarzkopf Taft Curl Hair Mousse packaging

Price: €4.05 for 200ml
What the company claims: Taft has the solution for women who want to keep hair curly for long. Taft Curl Flex creates 60% more curly hair. The hair is lifted from the roots and fixed without feeling sticky. Your hair will get a visible Longer Lasting Curl effect up to 48h.

Styling Tip: Shake well, hold upside down bus. Preferably in damp or dry hair and contributions from the roots. Modeling your hands or toothed comb and allow to air dry. Blow dry for volume effect.
For optimal styling, apply Taft Curl Flex Balm to towel-dried hair and model your curls if desired

My Experience with Schwarzkopf Taft Curl Hair Mousse:

I have naturally wavy hair and I do not like when they turn poker straight so I always keep curl creams to tackle this issue. I have used the Schwarzkopf Oasis curl cream and loved their results; so I wanted to buy products from the same brand and then I came across this product, hence I picked it up without any thoughts. The holding power is medium and I like it and this is the first time I am using a mousse!

Schwarzkopf Taft Curl Hair Mousse

The hair mousse comes in a sleek, long pink metal container. The dispenser is also pink in color and the cap is plastic and transparent. When pressed, you get the desired amount of mousse. I need 2-3 pumps for my mid-back length hair. I apply the mousse only to the hair below my ear and not above. The hair mousse is white, foamy and has a pleasant fruity, fresh smell. You need to shake the bottle well before usage. You need to apply the mousse to semi-wet hair and scrunch it for good effects.

You can use a diffuser for better results. I do not use a diffuser or a hair dryer so I just scrunch it and hold it for a minute or clip it on. When you let the hair loose after few seconds, you can see that there are neatly-formed curls. You can leave them like that or brush it out with your fingers or wide toothed comb to get those loose beautiful curls.

Schwarzkopf Taft Curl Hair Mousse dispenser

Coming to its longevity, the curls surprisingly stay the whole day for me and also the following day when I comb-out they form beautiful beach-waves! I absolutely love it. There is no stickiness felt on the hair and also the product doesn’t weigh down the hair. Irrespective of beautiful curls, I have noticed a few downsides of the products too!

I have oily scalp and dry ends; the curl mousse gives a wet look to the hair and it looks like the gel-wax kind of effect. The curls stick to each other; I understand that the curls stay in place due to that but with the previous curl cream the hair strands were loose and didn’t hold onto each other. I prefer that the strands do not stick instead flow freely. It doesn’t do anything to eliminate the frizz in the hair. Even though the ends look neat, they are a little messy if not combed and also if applied near the scalp, the tiny hairs curl and stand out which is not a good sight. But overall if you are looking only for a curl cream for the ends, this product is a go-to solution. So summing up,

Schwarzkopf Taft Curl Hair Mousse swatch

Pros of Schwarzkopf Taft Curl Hair Mousse:

• Defines curls.
• Provides dense curls.
• It is not sticky.
• Curls stay and last long.
• With a diffuser, you can create denser wilder curls.
• Doesn’t weigh down the hair.
• Reasonably priced.
• Can be combed for a beachy wave effect.

Schwarzkopf Taft Curl Hair Mousse results

Cons of Schwarzkopf Taft Curl Hair Mousse:

• The mousse makes the hair stick to each other and forms dense curls and there are no free loose strands.
• Can look a bit messy if not combed.
• Doesn’t control frizz.
• Provides a wet look.

IMBB Rating: 4/5
Would I Repurchase Schwarzkopf Taft Curl Hair Mousse?
I do not use curl mousse every day, so this will go a long way for me! By the time it is done, maybe my mind would want to try other products so I would not repurchase!

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