Seche Restore Restoration Thinner Review

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All of you must be having many favourite nail enamels. You might have used it multiple number of times and then the nail enamel, when it is not even half gone, gets thick and gloopy in consistency. Your most favourite or most expensive ones gets thick and no more giving you the best results, which you were always expecting from it. So what do we do regarding it… just pour in some nail enamel remover, to thin it up and in the meanwhile, the nail enamel gets changed from bad to worse. So finally, after keeping it for a few more months (for old memories sake), we finally throw it away.

The treatment for such thick nail enamels, to bring it back to its original consistency with the same shine and longevity, can be restored using a nail enamel ‘Thinner’. This is the same product, which the painters (who paint our walls) mix in their thick paints to make the perfect consistency. This product is similar, but not the same at all.




Seche Restore™ is the only thinner to thin a bottle of SecheVite™ to its original consistency. Will not diminish shine or dull colors and only replaces those ingredients which have evaporated from the bottle.

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Butyl Acetate, Toluene, Isopropyl Alcohol


Rs 667/- for 15ml product (including shipping and taxes).



My Experience with Seche Restore Restoration Thinner:

This is an online purchase, hence the poor condition of the outer packaging. As I said earlier, many of my nail enamels have laid discarded and have dried up within the bottle itself. I have tried to reuse them by adding nail enamel remover, but the results were not worth writing about. They were disastrous. And I got extremely disappointed seeing my favourite nail enamels going doing the drain one after the other. And then came inexpensive nail enamels in smaller bottles, which also dried in the bottle after some time, but the pain was less. My expensive, most loved ones were also going down the drain. And then I heard about this thinner concep; and the best one out there is Seche Restore. Just like Seche has made a name for itself in base and top coats; similarly, they also have this thinner, which has recently been introduced online in India. I bought one, used it and then within one to two uses, I had already purchased another one. Yes, I was extremely impressed by its quality.


The product comes in a grey color box packaging. It contains one glass bottle covered with a cap, and a glass pipette. It contains a clear, transparent thin and runny liquid. It is recommended to use just 2-3 drops of the product into any dried nail enamel. I have found out that 2-3 drops are too less, actually you may use from 3 drops to three pipettes full, as much as it takes to satisfy you. After that, you close your nail enamel bottle, and shake it. Don’t worry, you won’t have any problems in the enamel, and if there are any bubbles formed, those are soon resolved within 5 minutes.

The Seche Restore works well on all kinds of nail enamels. It works well with all simple nail enamels, gel nail polish, any top or base coats, and the 3-, 5-, and the 7-free nail enamel,s which have recently come into the market.


However, remember that these nail enamels do not have toluene, while Seche Restore contains toluene. Hence, a 3-, 5-, or 7- freenail enamels (which do not contain toluene, apart from some more ingredients), now do contain toluene. Also, remember that this thinner only contains those chemicals which causes thinning and gives shine to the nail enamel pigment, and the evaporation of these chemicals causes drying of nail enamel. Similarly, these chemicals can evaporate from Seche Restore also, thus reducing the quantity of Seche. Hence, it is advisable to keep the Seche Restore as air free as possible.


Other than this, I do not see any cons in this product at all. It makes the dried out nail enamel seem like new, with the perfect consistency, shine, duration and drying out time, as was seen in the original nail enamel. I am in complete love with it. Now, I do not have to throw away my precious and favourite nail enamels due to drying or gloopy-ness any more. I can buy as many expensive nail enamels as I want, as long as I like it, I know my Seche Restore will keep it alive.



Pros of Seche Restore Restoration Thinner:

  • Best nail enamel thinner.
  • Now available online in India.
  • Comes with its own pipette to control the amount of product you want to add to the enamel.
  • Transparent bottle allows us to see how much product is left.
  • The bottle looks luxurious, just like any other Seche product.
  • Will rescue any nail enamel you put in front of it.
  • Perfect consistency, shine, gloss and fragrance of nail enamel is achieved.
  • Quality of nail enamel is intact.

Cons of Seche Restore Restoration Thinner:

  • A bit expensive (but think about how much money you would be saving by rescuing your nail enamels, especially your most favourite ones).
  • Will evaporate if kept open, since it contains only those chemicals of nail enamel, which do evaporate.

IMBB Rating:


Would I repurchase Seche Restore Restoration Thinner?

Yes of course. I already have a backup ready. If you wear nail enamel, then this is a must have for you. It is almost like the elixir of life for nail enamels.

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