10 Secrets to Reduce a Few Inches From Your Waist

Belly fat is probably our worst enemy and it is not easy to lose weight from that area. However, there are a few proven methods to lose that stubborn fat and reduce a few inches. In this post, I will discuss 10 such amazing ways to cut off a few inches from the waist and fit in your old pair of denims again.

10 Secrets to Reduce a Few Inches From Your Waist

1. Soluble Fiber in Diet

Add foods like flaxseed, shirataki noodles, Brussels sprouts, avocados, apple, broccoli, legumes and blackberries in your diet. These contain soluble fibers that keep your tummy full for longer. When you add these to your diet, your breakfast, lunch and dinner will keep you full throughout the day and you stop indulging in the fat containing snacks in-between.

2. Avoid Food with Trans Fat

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Your body requires fat and cutting it off from the diet is not a healthy solution. But, you must be aware of the good aft and bad fat. Trans fat is hydrogenated fat that affects insulin action in our body and leads to abdominal fat accumulation. Hydrogenated vegetable oil, muffins, cookies contain trans fat. Buy them only after you check the label and avoid any product containing trans fat.

3. Stop Drinking Alcohol

Many busy working women drink alcohol these days because of stress issues. But, the product will neither reduce stress nor your belly aft. Studies show that alcohol consumption on a daily basis significantly increases the risk of central obesity. Cut it down to cut down a few inches from the waist.

4. Add More Protein

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Our diet often lacks enough protein even when we are overeating. Adding more protein in our diet boosts metabolism which helps to lose the excess weight. It also boosts energy and allows you to work out and stay active. Protein consumption leads to the PYY hormone that keeps you fuller for longer. Eat enough chicken, egg, fish, paneer and tofu along with the veggies and fruits to maintain the balance.

5. Cut Down Sugar

We often eat a lot of sugar along with our daily food without even knowing about it. Any kind of processed food contains sugar and this is not at all healthy for your body. High sugar intake leads to obesity and increases belly fat accumulation. You must cut down sugar and opt for healthier carbohydrates.

6. Drink Apple Cider Vinegar

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2 table spoons of apple cider vinegar in water shows significant lose of fat form the belly region. Have this an hour before breakfast in the morning and you will be amazed to see the difference. Alternatively, you can also add lemon juice and honey to warm water and drink it in the morning to see similar changes.

7. Reduce Refined Carb Intake

Just like sugar, you must also reduce the amount of refined carb you are eating every day. Try to replace a few refined carb sources like flour made bread and white rice with starch containing food like whole wheat bread and brown rice and you will see the difference yourself. This not only reduces the belly fat but also reduces the risks of diabetes type 2, PCOS and high cholesterol.

8. Reduce Stress

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This may sound easier than it is but this is important if you want to lose the excess fat. When you are stressed, the adrenaline gland secretes cortisol which increases the appetite and compels you to eat fast food or junk food. Try to keep a positive approach and meditate or practice yoga to keep your mind composed and calm.

9. Drink Probiotic Supplement

Probiotic supplements often contain good bacteria that helps in fat digestion and reduces belly fat. As these supplements must be recommended by the doctor, make sure to check with your physician before opting for one.

10. Lift Weights


Just performing cardio exercises won’t help you to lose fat. Strength training or resistance training is important if you want to lose weight. A good balance of both aerobics and weight training helps to lose weight faster. However, it is important to do weight training under the supervision of an expert. So, join a gym, get a trainer and start weight training to see positive differences.

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