8 Secrets to Perfect Makeup for a Date

Hi ladies,
Choosing the perfect makeup for your date night is not an easy walk in the park. We all get confused about what kind of makeup to opt for! In today’s post, let’s talk about dos and don’ts of perfect date makeup!

Wear perfect makeup to date

1. Don’t try anything too dramatic or new

You would want to be comfortable with whatever makeup look you are wearing and what better way to do that than sticking to basics. Try not be too dramatic with the makeup when you are going on a date for the first time. Also, do not try anything new and stick with your go-to makeup looks.

2. Wear makeup that fits the occasion

You don’t want to be on a lunch date with full on shimmer makeup. Do you? You should wear makeup that goes with the time and venue of the date. Going for a coffee, movie, a picnic, dinner or lunch calls for different makeup looks.

3. Exfoliate and prepare your base well

You need to exfoliate really well to get rid of all the dead skin cells. Perfect your base makeup to ensure a clean and smooth for your makeup to glide on. Use an oil free primer if your skin is prone to being shiny after few hours.

4. Make it last

Use long lasting products that will get you through your date night with minimal touch-ups. Do not forget to use a setting spray to keep your makeup from melting off the face. Also, keep blotting papers handy.

5. Highlight one feature

Highlight one feature at a time. It could be lips or your eyes. You can go for strong eye makeup and neutral lips or a bold lip colour with subtle eye makeup on a date night. You can finish off with a hint of blush on your cheeks for a fresh look.

6. Shape and define the brows

Neat and tidy brows shape and define the face beautifully. If you are not a makeup person, then a BB cream, mascara, clear gloss and well defined brows are enough to make you stand out.

7. Go for soft smokey eyes

Do not go for full blown smokey eyes. You can go for a more subtle version of smokey eyes with different shades other than black like brown or khaki green. Finish you look with a neutral lippie or a clear gloss.

8. Make it fit your personality

You don’t want to be looking like someone else on your date. Try to be yourself and wear makeup that suits your personality. Do not put on makeup for anyone else’s sake. Presenting a bit polished version of yourself is enough and you don’t need to go bonkers finding a perfect look.

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