Sephora Beauty Amplifier Set and Refresh Spray Review

Makeup setting sprays that I really covet are a bit too overpriced and I avoid picking them up because usually I am in a pressing need of something more important, makeup wise. However, there is sometimes a better option for thrifty people like me. Some brands launch their products in multiple sizes and it is a perfect opportunity for people like me to try out a product in a smaller size packaging before committing to a full size one. This review is of one such product, that I was not very confident about and hence bought a smaller size of it to form a concrete opinion about it and I am glad I decided to do that – I am talking about Sephora Beauty Amplifier Set and Refresh Spray.

Sephora Beauty Amplifier Set and Refresh Spray bottle

Product Description:
A multitasking spray that sets makeup, refreshes skin, and generally ensures your makeup doesn’t melt off midday (phew!) This multitasking spray features a unique blend of long-lasting, makeup-setting polymers and feel-good ingredients like lemon balm and peppermint extract to prime and perk up your skin. Use it to set your makeup after application or mist on throughout the day for a quick, complexion refresher. The fine mist won’t leave large droplets on your skin or distort the look of your makeup.
$16 for 2.7oz and $5 for 1 oz.

Sephora Beauty Amplifier Set and Refresh Spray bottle

My Experience with Sephora Beauty Amplifier Set and Refresh Spray:

The most important aspect of a setting spray is that it should be able to “set” the makeup – increase the wear time of the makeup products that we meticulously apply on our face, try to maintain the fresh makeup look and make sure that the face does not appear greasy or oily and also makeup should stay intact till we remove it (although later is too much to expect from a setting spray). I have used setting sprays by other drugstore brands such as L’Oreal and Maybelline and although they were almost the same price as the product in this review, they failed to impress me or do what they claimed to do.

Sephora Beauty Amplifier Set and Refresh Spray bottle

The product comes in a tiny 1 oz bottle with a spray mechanism to dispense product directly on to face or on a cotton pad. The packaging appears sturdy and looks like it will last till I run out of the product. The product description on the website says that it can be applied before or after makeup, but I am yet to try the former – I just spritz my face with it and let it dry before I head out.

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Sephora Beauty Amplifier Set and Refresh Spray packaging

The finish of this product is a disappointing affair – it is neither dewy or matte, it is downright greasy. It makes freshly-applied makeup appear stale and oily and the whole looks unappealing and appalling. It is the kind of makeup look we all try to avoid. I gave this setting spray multiple trials with different makeup products but the results were same – greasy mess.

Sephora Beauty Amplifier Set and Refresh Spray cap

The product does not have a long list of ingredients, but it still contains a high percentage of alcohol which is a bane for dry skin people like me. Apart from that, it also contains several essential extracts which are beneficial for skin. It has no significant fragrance. Because of its poor performance, I will avoid buying it in the future.

Pros of Sephora Beauty Amplifier Set and Refresh Spray:

  • It is an affordable facial mist.
  • Comes in a sturdy bottle which does not appear or feel cheap.
  • Works well as a setting spray.
  • Contains some essential extracts which are beneficial for skin.
  • It comes in two sizes and offers a choice to consumer before committing to a full-size product.
  • Because of its greasy texture, it can be sprayed on makeup brushes to pick up powder products.

Cons of Sephora Beauty Amplifier Set and Refresh Spray:

  • It has a high content of alcohol and it can be a big skin concern for some of us, especially those with dry skin should refrain from using this product.
  • It makes makeup appear greasy and oily instead of imparting a fresh look to the face, makes it appear stale. Because of this poor performance, it defies its purpose as a setting spray and hence is of no use.

It is an affordable setting spray, but does not perform as it is expected to. It made my face appear oily and greasy. Maybe it can work on an absolutely matte makeup base, but I would not take a risk. I do not recommend it to others and advice to go for other options available.
IMBB Rating:

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