Sephora Belle Beige (13) Nano Lip Liner Review, Swatch

Sephora Belle Beige (13) Nano Lip Liner Review, Swatch

beige lip liner sephora

Claims : 
An amazing range of highly pigmented lip pencils with formulas that assure extreme glide and comfort.

What it does:
This silky formula promises rich pigment and a nourishing finish of shea butter and jojoba oil. The beautiful shades glide on with ease and comfort, leaving a luscious look and feeling you can wear all day, every day.

Price : $5 / Rs 410 (in Sephora India)

My Experience with Sephora Belle Beige Nano Lip Pencil :

I wanted a super duper n*de lip pencil something that can work with all my n*de / light brown lipsticks. I found this tiny cute lip pencil at Sephora the other day and could not resist picking it up. The color is beige n*de and on its own it looks quite washed out on my face but it works with just every neutral lipstick of mine.

  • The pencil is creamy and glides on lips without tugging or pulling.
  • It is quite a creamy pencil. It is not moisturizing but it is not drying either.
  • I like how cute and tiny it is. So easy to carry around. Although I don’t like that we get it quite expensive here in Sephora India.
  • It stays on for 5 hours when worn on its own. I would say that it is less because I have lip pencils that stay on until I remove them. But underneath a lipstick it makes a good base.
  • The pencil is slightly thicker (may be 1 mm) than the regular pencils o it kind of gets fixed in my regular sharpeners. But still it sharpens well.
  • I like that this pencil can be sharpened. I love to work with sharp pointy edged pencil for my lining my lips.
  • Does not have any weird taste or smell to it.
  • Comes in a huge range of colors. Two of them are covered on IMBB – Real Red and Pure Pinky
  • I don’t know I should write this as a pro or a con but since the pencil is so tiny I would finish it up till the very end. 😛

Overall, I abssooolutely love this lip pencil. I am resisting hard not to pick more colors since I don’t use lip pencils that often. Very good pencils. 🙂

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Rating : 4.5/5


beige lip liner

Size compared to a regular size pencil . The NYX lip pencil in Sephora is for Rs 380, which is quite longer. But oh so cute is the Sephora pencil. 😀

sephora nano lip liner belle beige size

sephora nano lip liner belle beige s

sephora nano lip liner belle beige review, swatch

sephora nano lip liner belle beige review, photos

Swatch : sephora nano lip liner belle beige swatch

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    1. oh wowiiee jomo. you’d love every bit of it…well may be not the prices when you compare it to what they have abroad but still.. sephora is just an amazing place. 🙂

  1. Aww how cute is the pencil !!! the color is quite versatile though !! I recently had massive shopping at sephora 😀

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