Sephora CC Crème Correction and Radiance Cream Review

By Bhargavi J.

Hi, you guys! Hope everyone is doing really well!

Today, I am reviewing Sephora CC Cream with SPF 30. The Sephora down here in Singapore recently had a Chinese New Year sale (Happy New Year, by the way). Yay! So, I got a brand new CC cream for myself. I use this little guy for my everyday makeup to work, to the beach, on dates, literally everywhere! I love Sephora just because of the range of colors they have. As someone with tan skin, living in a place where darker-colored skin products are not as easily available, Sephora is definitely my foundation haven. I absolutely love the number of shades the house brand has in each product.

Sephora CC Crème Correction and Radiance Cream Review

It retails for SGD 30. I think it’s only USD 11 in the States?!

My Experience with Sephora CC Crème Correction and Radiance Cream:

This particular CC cream now comes in 5 shades, which aren’t a lot, but since the product is pretty sheer, these shades would fit a number of skin tones. I wear shade $32 (which is the darkest one I can get here).

I first tried this CC cream last year when I wanted something to even out my skin without being too cakey or heavy. Singapore is wildly hot, and no matter what long-wear foundation I wear, I sweat it off in 10 minutes outside. This CC Cream goes on super light and doesn’t come off in the heat as fast as some high-end foundations that I’ve tried.

Sephora CC Crème Correction and Radiance Cream ingredients

A CC cream is a “color correcting cream” and it’s supposed to improve uneven skin tone. It’s more pigmented than an average BB cream and gives a lot less coverage than a foundation. I like to think of it as more like a tinted moisturizer. This CC cream from Sephora is much richer and creamier than an average tinted moisturizer. It corrects but does not conceal the skin. Despite being so creamy, it’s completely breathable, lightweight, and blends out to a perfect dewy finish. If you like tinted moisturizers and want a bit more coverage, then this is the perfect product for you.

Sephora CC Crème Correction and Radiance Cream swatch

This is the kind of product that you can wear on its own or as a base under foundation. Personally, I like wearing it on its own just because I like more of a light coverage. It isn’t overly moisturizing, but if you have dry skin, I wouldn’t worry about this causing dryness. It’s also perfect for combination to oily skin, since it isn’t greasy or oily once it dries.

The perfect combination of product for me is a primer (Benefit Porefessional mostly) and this CC cream. The finish I get with these two products is just so perfect. The CC cream on its own wears for at least five hours before I start to see it slightly melting away; but I live in a very humid place, so it’ll last far longer in average weather.

Sephora CC Crème Correction and Radiance Cream blended

With a primer, it lasts me my whole 8-hour work day. A bonus with this product is that it has SPF 20. I’m terrible when it comes to sunscreen, I just don’t wear it even though I know I should. Plus, I just can’t find a decent sunscreen that doesn’t leave a white cast on my face. So, I really like this CC cream since it takes care of my sunscreen needs.

Pros of Sephora CC Crème Correction and Radiance Cream:

  • Smooth, even texture.
  • Blends really well.
  • Natural, attractive finish.
  • Doesn’t melt too quickly in hot, humid weather.
  • Broad-spectrum mineral sunscreen.
  • Fragrance-free.
  • Will potentially fit a range of skin tones.

Cons of Sephora CC Crème Correction and Radiance Cream:

  • You can only get it at Sephora stores or online.
  • Limited shades.

Would I Recommend/Repurchase Sephora CC Crème Correction and Radiance Cream?
Oil, combination, dry, it’ll work for all skin types.
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