Sephora Classic Perfecting Concealer Brush #20 Review

Sephora classic perfecting concealer brush review

What it is:
A thin, round-tipped brush for precise application of perfecting concealers, even in the creases of dark circles.

What it does:
This brush helps to conceals dark circles, blotches, and any other blemishes with precision. Its very soft synthetic fibers provide even application without an overload of texture. Its fine tip provides precision for fading out dark circles, enabling the application of texture even to the most difficult-to-reach areas.

What else you need to know:
This brush features synthetic takelon bristles, an aluminum ferrule, and a wooden handle.

Price : USD 18/ Rs 1,150 approx

My Experience with Sephora Perfecting Concealer Brush :

I bought this brush mistakenly. I wanted to but the Sephora Pro Airbrush Concealer Brush but the language miscommunication ended me up with this one. Thankfully it turned out to be a really good one.

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It gorgeous matte black flat concealer brush with synthetic bristles. It is a medium sized brush so it fits the hand very nicely. The bristles are fine and very soft. I mostly like to use a fluffy brush such as MAC 217 or MAC 224 for concealer. But I don’t mind using a flat brush such as this as well when I need more coverage underneath my eyes. A flat brush such as this packs more pigment and you can get a super opaque coverage on application. The tapered tip helps get to the very corner of the eyes as well. I use this brush to apply cream eyeshadow and eyeshadow primer as well.

The brushes are super soft and blend in the concealer seamlessly without leaving any streaks behind. It is also very useful for covering up the spots. You can get super precise with the application using this brush. Spot concealing a an absolute dream with this one because of the tapered tip.

This brush is super easy to clean both with a brush cleanser and water. Not a bristle has ever shed even after many washes.

Overall, a good one to have in your collection. But if you are someone like me who mostly uses finger tips to apply concealer or fluffy eye brushes to blend, you don’t really need it. But if you are looking for a brush that would multi-task for spot concealing and an opaque coverage, go for it. You wouldn’t regret buying it.

Rating : 4/5

Sephora classic perfecting concealer brush sephora concealer brush  #20 sephora concealer brush review sephora-perfecting-concealer-brush-2

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9 thoughts on “Sephora Classic Perfecting Concealer Brush #20 Review

  1. I think I need to invest in a concealer brush, my ring finger is getting tired of all this patting around.

  2. Rati, I prefer finger tips for concealer. I have the real techniques concealer brush, but the bristles poke too much. These bristles look so soft 🙂

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