Sephora Collection Classic Blending Eye Shadow Brush #71 Review

Hello friends,
Hope all of you are enjoying good health with rose day, propose day and soon to follow Valentine ’s Day! I am also here to share some of my new hobbies with you and eye makeup will be one of them. Off late I have realized the value of adding proper makeup brushes to my kit. The proper makeup tools definitely help you learn faster. Hence, I started with much talked and budget friendly brand Sephora this time. I already own Sephora Classic Precision Powder Brush which is still in my kit; needless to say, it is my most used makeup brush for face powders. Now that I am trying my luck with eye makeup, I bought few eye makeup brushes from the same brand.

Sephora Collection Classic Blending Eye Shadow Brush #71 Review

Price: $11-$16, for one piece of eye makeup brush (price varies across stores)

What it is:
A dome-shaped brush for blending in powder eye shadows.
What it does:
Customize your eye color with this brush that helps tone down color in a single stroke. It can also be used to apply liquid concealers on dark circles for bright eyes with a natural finish.

My Experience with Sephora Collection Classic Blending Eye Shadow Brush #71:

The brush comes in ordinary plastic film packing. I hate to see that the cap often seems unfit for the brush especially after opening it; hence, I prefer keeping it sans cap as most of the hair bristles seem to bend during the struggle to fit the cap. The brush consists of a aluminum ferrule with a wooden handle and natural goat/pony hair bristles, which irks me a bit :/. Overall, it is pretty sleek, easy to use and travel friendly brush with an unfit packing.


The mini dome-shaped brush seems decent in dimensions with appropriate length of handle to work on eyes. It is quite longer than usual makeup brushes I see in an eye essential kit which is a plus point as it gives me better grip and power to control strokes.

brush head

Now if I talk about the texture of its bristles, it is not impressive as it feels way stiff on my skin especially when I compare it with my previous Ecotools highlighting brush or Sonia Kashuk blending brush. I mean the brush is perfect for blending with its mini fluffy dome structure but it is not the softest brush. It doesn’t poke my skin or eyes but I feel slight stiffness in its bristles while sweeping it on eye lids. Other than its slight stiff and rough texture, I don’t see any fault with this brush as it blends my eye makeup really well in few strokes. I see that it works so well with metallic, shimmery finish eye shadows other than matte powdery texture eye shadows. It even works well with creamy eye shadows; though it is designed for powder texture makeup, I see it blends creamy makeup with equally good finish.

brush head

I would rather prefer this stiff brush for picture perfect well-blended makeup to my fluffy soft brushes to be honest. Moreover, I see that its stiff texture helps to deposit ample amount of highlighter or color on my brow bone as well as eye lids in just 1-2 strokes. To be precise, I can easily work with this one blending eye shadow brush right from start to finish of my eye makeup. I genuinely feel that this one brush can be so handy for travelling plans when we can simply carry just one tool to look perfect all the time if only it had perfect packaging.
I also find it good enough to work with concealer as it doesn’t give me streaky finish; it seamlessly applies my eye shadow and concealer. However, it does shed bristles while washing though shedding subsides in next washes. It does not shed bristles during application luckily.

Pros of Sephora Collection Classic Blending Eye Shadow Brush #71:

• It is not the softest brush yet feels light on skin with no irritating or pokey bristles.
• It alone can give precision like any highlighter brush and crease shadow brush.
• It blends all harsh lines and/or metallic, shimmery matte colors to wearable intensity with no streaky or patchy finish.
• It alone can complete our eye makeup right from start to finish.
• It does not shed bristles while working on eyes.
• It attains its fluffy stiff shape post wash or usage.

Cons of Sephora Collection Classic Blending Eye Shadow Brush #71:

• Unfit packaging.
• The bristles seem bit stiff and hard, not pokey though.
• It does shed bristles post wash.
• The natural goat/pony hair bristles give me psychological turn off.

IMBB Rating: 4/5

Would I Repurchase/Recommend Sephora Collection Classic Blending Eye Shadow Brush #71?
Well I am neither head over heels in love with this product nor would I skip it completely as I find it perfect for blending and highlighting work. I would definitely like to consider this brush again over the whole kit from Ecotools or Sonia Kashuk and definitely recommend it to every beauty. I am fine with its not so soft texture as well though synthetic bristles are my first choice in any makeup brush.

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