Sephora Collection Classic Large Powder Shadow Brush #62 Review

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How are you doing today? I am back with another Sephora Classic eye makeup brush. Actually I bought it in a jiffy without even looking at its dimensions, and when I opened it, I realised that it is too big for my small, hooded eyes. But I so love its fluffy shape that now I use it for applying eye shadow base, primer and to experiment with highlighters. I might not consider it again, though I see it perfect for bigger eyes. Let’s read more about this Sephora Collection Classic Large Powder Shadow Brush #62!

Sephora Collection Classic Large Powder Shadow Brush #62 Review

$16 for a brush excludes shipping and tax

Product Description:
What it is:
A wide-headed brush for applying light and medium-colored powdered eye shadows.

What it does:
Ideal for applying a base eye shadow, this wide brush with dense bristles helps with the even application of eye shadows on the entire eyelid. 

My Experience with Sephora Collection Classic Large Powder Shadow Brush #62:

Well, the brush is made of natural pony hair along with an aluminum ferrule and a wooden handle. I am not a fan of the packaging as it comes in a thin, plastic wrap with an extremely small cap, which almost destroys the bristles while putting it back. Hence I tossed the packaging in a bin. I wish Sephora had provided a cheaper plastic wrap or a cover to protect these brushes. Never mind, I can easily store it in a pouch.

powder brush

Talking about the brush, it is not just wide headed but also a pretty long brush with considerable long, dense and fluffy bristles, which seem too big for my small eyes. Sigh! However I find it good enough for applying eye shadow all over the lid, but at times I see it has limited usage in my kit as I am yet to get that precision with such a thick and wide brush. But I am impressed to see that the brush is not too long, it is just apt for providing perfect grip and angle.

The bristles are pretty stiff yet flexible to give good color pay off in just 1-2 strokes without shedding bristles. If I talk about its actual performance, it makes me super impressed with its ease of delivering intense color pay off on the lids with easy blending; it disappoints me to see the wide shape which can be tricky for dual eye shadow looks. Other than using it for mono tone eye makeup looks, I have been using it for applying those thick textured primer potions which are otherwise tricky for me to smear on my lids.

sephora makeup brush

I love how it blends the thick and creamy primer on my skin without rubbing or massaging. In fact I use it for tapping the concealer on my cheeks and chin area too, and it gives a seamless, non-cakey finish every time. I need to give it a good wash after every session, else it forms messy knots which feel slightly rough on skin.

It is not a very soft brush, unlike other super soft synthetic bristle brushes, but it does not feel scratchy or irritating against my skin. It hasn’t shed bristles even after couple of washes which makes it a keeper. Now considering its price and usage, I don’t feel disappointed though it can be a hit or miss purchase for anyone blessed with small eyes, just like me.

Large Powder Shadow Brush

Personally I am really happy with its blending, buffing performance even if it seems too big for my eyes. And I am sure beauties blessed with royal Bengali big eyes might like to get it again & again, provided you are fine with natural animal bristles and the fact that it is not the softest brush around.


Let’s sum up pros and cons:

Pros of Sephora Collection Classic Large Powder Shadow Brush #62:

• A super dense, compact and fluffy brush
• Bristles are not super soft yet do not irritate my skin
• Bristles are firm enough to deliver intense color pay off
• Blends eye shadow pretty well with minimal strokes
• Does not shed bristles
• Pretty easy to work with
• Works fairly well with creamy products
• A must-have brush for big eyelids
• Pretty affordable

Cons of Sephora Collection Classic Large Powder Shadow Brush #62:

• Natural animal hair bristles irk me at times
• The brush is too wide for small eyelids
• Needs frequent washing
• Is not a very soft brush, just decent enough
• Demands extra care as it contains natural bristles
• Silly packaging

Well, I am totally into experimental mode and yet to realize what works best for eye makeup (among brushes), hence I am all in for this brush. In fact, at this price, I get both a concealer as well as a small highlighter brush, hence no complaints. However, if you are seeking a particular blending or crease shadow brush, then skip this one, especially if you are blessed with small eyes just like me.

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4 thoughts on “Sephora Collection Classic Large Powder Shadow Brush #62 Review

    1. yes lisha it works well as blending brush just that it is trikcy for smaller eyes, but yeah for the price we can’t say more.. 🙂

  1. i am kind of liking this brush. i love such brushes. they are not these special kinds but you can’t do without them. loved the review neetu. I’d keep this in mind! 🙂

    1. I can imagine rati 🙂 now that i am getting used to with abc of brushes I see why we have number of brushes for just one task like blending or simply putting on eye shadow 😀 I am sure you will love it being blessed with considerable big eyes you will definitely need it for rush hours or may be whnever you get it just let me also enlighten about its further usages, coz I might be missing on sumthing which this brush can do with perfection 🙂
      Thank you so much, always love to read your feedback especially for products which are new to me!!

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