Sephora Collection Classic Must Have Powder Shadow Brush #60 Review

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How are you doing today? I had a wonderful weekend followed by a series of events like meeting my cousin and receiving Urban Decay’s Naked 1, Naked 2, Naked 3 and Smoky palettes. I also got a golden chance to attend a 6-hour makeup class. I will give you a gist of what I learnt towards the end of this review.  Let’s begin the review of this Sephora Collection Classic Must Have Powder Shadow Brush #60 now!

Sephora Collection Classic Must Have Powder Shadow Brush #60 Review

$15 for one brush, excludes shipping and tax

Product Description:
What it is:
A round-tipped brush for applying light and medium-colored powder eye shadows.

What it does:
This versatile brush can be used to sweep base eye shadows over the entire eyelid or applied to specific areas for an expert shading effect.

My Experience with Sephora Collection Classic Must Have Powder Shadow Brush #60:

The brush is made of natural pony hair bristles attached to an aluminum ferrule with a wooden handle. It has quite a sleek, black, light-weight packaging; I dislike that small cap which tends to disfigure my beautiful brush when I try to put it back on. I wish they had provided at least an ordinary plastic bag to keep my brushes safe from dirt and air.

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Coming over to the brush, I am pretty happy with its light-weight, wooden handle which is long enough to create a good grip and angle while working on my small eyes. It also can fit into any clutch easily. The bristles seem fluffy yet are stiff enough to deposit intense color with any type of powdery matte or shimmery eye shadow. The length of the bristles is also apt, and this brush can work as a crease brush or a contour brush. It also helps in blending two colors. Finally, it also made sense to me why these natural brushes work like a charm with powdery eye shadows; I could see good color payoff in just one swipe.


It has a good width to deposit the color all over my lid area. It is slightly flat and not fluffy, which makes it good enough for applying contour shadow along your crease. I never see any streaky or patchy finish with this brush, which makes it a keeper for learners like me. Right now, I am all into eye makeup especially after that workshop, hence I see myself reaching for this brush for almost every powder eye shadow. In fact, I find it perfect for highlighting too because of its slim dimensions yet broad bristles.

It can also blend in the concealer decently but now I prefer using a synthetic brush for concealers. I see that it is not the softest brush ever but it does not feel as scratchy or rough on the eye area either. Moreover, it does not shed any bristles while working or after a wash. I have washed it twice and it has always regained its slight fluffy and stiff shape back without shedding a single bristle. Impressive, huh?

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Over all, I feel that this one brush can definitely work as an all over shadow brush, crease or contour brush and blending brush for our eye makeup. Hence, this is definitely a must-have for powder eye shadows. Its small bristles pick up ample amount of product by just dabbing it on eye shadows and give full color pay off; I am sure even makeup pros would love to own this brush for those rushed hours and for touch ups. I will definitely recommend it to every eye makeup junkie.

Let’s sum up pros and cons:

Pros of Sephora Collection Classic Must Have Powder Shadow Brush #60:

• A light-weight wooden handle brush with natural pony hair bristles
• Long enough to provide full grip and better angle
• Has sleek dimensions with a broad bristle area
• Bristles are quite soft
• Picks up ample amount of product
• Can also be used as an eye contour and all-over shadow brush
• Helps in blending harsh lines
• Can also be used for highlighting the face
• Works decently for dabbing the concealer
• Does not shed bristles
• Dries up faster and regains its shape
• Quite affordable

Cons of Sephora Collection Classic Must Have Powder Shadow Brush #60:

• Natural hairs can be a turn off
• Not suitable for creamy/liquid eye makeup products
• Not the softest brush
• The packaging is tricky

IMBB Rating:

What I Learned in My Makeup Class:

I always wanted to use a bronzer, but thankfully now I have understood that bronzers are not meant for most of the Indian skin tones. Bronzers are mostly used to add warmth to the face and can’t necessarily provide a well contoured effect. No wonder, women with porcelain white skin tones use bronzers to get that sun kissed look which we Indian are already blessed with. Corrector too didn’t exist in my makeup dictionary, but now it makes sense why I need one and where I need it.

Last but not the least, it made sense to me why we need both synthetic brushes and natural brushes in our kit among other such makeup tips. I feel so good that I attended this workshop as it made me aware of various innovative makeup products and I got to learn various tips and tricks.

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