Sephora Collection Eyebrow Touch Up Razor Set Review

Skin Type: Combination

Hello ladies,

I am happy to be reviewing an eyebrow tool for the first time and I am also more excited to be reviewing again on IMBB after a break. Today’s review is going to be on Sephora Collection Touch Up Razor Set. Keep reading to know how it worked out for me.

Sephora Collection Eyebrow Touch Up Razor Set Review

Price: USD 15
Product Description
The perfect touch-up tool for expertly groomed eyebrows, lip, and/or immaculate bikini line, our legendary Japanese stainless steel Touch-Up Razor comfortably trims unwanted hair with exacting precision. It’s safety cover doubles as a brow brush with a lash comb and has a ridged safety guard that protects delicate skin and prolongs blade life.

My Experience with Sephora Collection Eyebrow Touch Up Razor Set:

In my opinion, this beauty tool is essential for today’s modern woman as it is an all-rounder in terms of comfort, usage and performance. I picked up this feasible option as it suited my budget too. Get to know why you could also find this mini razor set very useful especially in a fast-paced life in this review.

Sephora Collection Eyebrow Razor Review

Packaging: This set has nothing too fancy or fuzzy about the way it is packaged or engineered. But it is not too boring either. The packaging does justice to the product keeping the product’s performance in place. The set has two identical blades that are sleek and come with a neat cap that secures the blades nice and tight. One cap alone has a comb that comes along to help you straighten out your eyebrow hairs although I don’t remember using it much. The handy and travel-friendly black blades come in a sleek and transparent rectangular ziplock that has a Sephora label with usage instructions. This thoughtfully packaged set makes grooming easier during rush hours and travel time. It also does a lot of good for lazy ones like me who sulk to step out for threading or heave at the very idea of tweezers or anything painful.

Features and performance: After using this razor set for a while now, I can confidently vouch for its performance and it would especially work for women like me who dread painful experiences with tweezers. The features like a simple blade to remove hairs wherever required in a matter of minutes would work wonders for beginners. The identical blades are identical in their sharpness and precision only that one of them carries a cap with a tiny comb and a brow brush. I have never tried or bothered using these comb and brush so I cannot say much about the cap with these two features. This tool could do loads of good in terms of saving time for eye makeup lovers and experts but remember that any day the hair growth is faster with this compared to threading or when using tweezers. After a long time’s research, I am certain about this but not that I am complaining. This could be the only downside of this tool apart from its price.

Sephora Collection Eyebrow Razor Review

Usage and maintenance: This set has always been my favourite, not only for being handy and sleek but also for the maintenance required. The sleek blades do not need replacement and would last you long depending on how you generally are at maintaining tools. This is why I would call this tool user-friendly in every way, and a onetime investment on such a tool is totally worth it. For hygiene purposes, just brush off the hairs with your epilator’s brush or any small brush. Reserve it to clean the blades also; you could put a sticker or mark on the blade cap depending on where you use for hygiene purposes. You could also use wet wipes or cotton to clean the blades. Sanitise it if you are using its on your private parts with every use but, otherwise, I would not recommend you to use water as the blades might rust.

My quick take on this tool would be a big thumbs up and I would say grab this set when you see it for things like this easily slip our cart more than colorful candy lipsticks or beautiful eye palettes. Do think about investing on it even though you might find it a little overpriced. I am sure, with time, you will not regret your purchase.

Eyebrow Touch Up Razor Set Review

Pros of Sephora Collection Eyebrow Touch Up Razor Set:

⦁ Packaging – simple, neat and travel-friendly
⦁ Value for money
⦁ Can be used on the eyebrows, upper lips and the bikini line
⦁ The perfect, easy-to-use eyebrow tool set
⦁ Does not require high maintenance
⦁ User-friendly eyebrow shaper for beginners
⦁ Blades have the perfect sharpness
⦁ Can be used on all skin types
⦁ Two blades make it hygienic

Cons of Sephora Collection Eyebrow Touch Up Razor Set:

⦁ Availability in India
⦁ Does not easily remove in growth or stubs
⦁ Not perfect for acne prone skin
⦁ Hair growth is faster as compared to threading, waxing or tweezing
⦁ Does not offer high-precision when compared to other hair removal methods
⦁ Some might find it overpriced

IMBB Rating: 4/5
(minus one for not being a high-precision hair-removal tool)
Would I Repurchase/Recommend Sephora Collection Eyebrow Touch Up Razor Set?
I am more than happy with this purchase and for now my blades are just fine. So I would not repurchase as I am already onto to my next fantasy hair removal tool, ‘Tweezerman Smooth Finish Facial Hair Remover’ from Sephora. Would I recommend? Oh yes. I would. It is one of the just perfect handy beauty tools that you must own.
Verdict: The perfect travel-friendly eyebrow tool to own in your vanity.

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