Sephora Collection My Boyfriend’s Jeans Colorful Shadow and Liner Review

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This is a long pending review. This is a gift from IMBB, which I thought I should review before I take off for my Valentine’s holiday. 😉 I will see you guys soon and hope you enjoy the review 🙂

Sephora Collection My Boyfriend's Jeans Colorful Shadow and Liner

Product Description:
What it is:  A collection of jumbo eye pencils that can be used as eyeliners or blended out as eyeshadows.

What it does: These jumbo pencils create a range of effects, from bold lines and blended effects to thin, defined lines. Resistant to water, heat, and humidity, their creamy, high-pigment formulas apply smoothly. Featuring deep blacks and rich, shimmery shades, each is formulated with exclusive waxes and pigments to assure maximum color intensity that stays put for 12 hours.  This product is not tested on animals.

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My Experience with Sephora Collection My Boyfriend’s Jeans Colorful Shadow and Liner:

The shadow/liner comes in a black chubby pencil form, pretty much like most of the shadow sticks from other brands. This pencil requires sharpening and is not the retractable one. It has a plastic seal around it which I very much appreciate since it does mean that my product has been untouched. It also had a sticker which contained the ingredients list. The cap is not very tight and secure and there is always a fear of it opening up and creating a mess in your bag 🙁

Shadow liner packaging

The shade is very pretty and a total attention seeker. Sephora describes it as an electric blue and it truly is an electric shade. The shade is really bright, but nothing over the top. The shade is totally matte and does not have any shimmer to it. Though the product is matte, the vibrant color does not make it look flat.

Blue liner and shadow

The application is really smooth and it doesn’t drag on my eyelids or lower lash line, it goes on easily and smoothly.
Coming to the pigmentation, it is awesome too. It deposits almost 80% of the color in a single swipe and you can go over again to build the color. However, you will have to work fast here because it does not go over smoothly if the first layer is dry.

Swatch collage

It sets really fast. If you want to smudge it, you will have to work really fast or it will set. It is better to do one eye at a time because once set, it won’t budge. While this quality is really good when I use this as an eyeliner, it makes it a bit difficult and tricky to use as an eyeshadow. I tried creating the blue smoky eyes look using this (which Rati did some time back) and I almost died blending the product. Phew! I found that it was a little bit easier to blend it with fingers than a brush. In the eye swatch, I did not go over multiple times to build up the color just because it was really difficult to blend.


The staying power is impressive too. Whether I used it as an eyeshadow or an eyeliner, it stayed on and on and on. 😉 My eyelids sometimes behave like they have a mind of their own. On some days, they are very dry and very oily on the other day. I worked well in both the scenarios and without any primer too stayed for the whole day (I tested it for around 9 hours). Though the intensity faded a bit but nothing that should worry you and there was no smudging at all.

I just have a bit of difficulty in getting thin lines due to the thick pencil and sharpening leads to product wastage. Other than these minor flaws, this product is totally worth it.

Pros of Sephora Collection My Boyfriend’s Jeans Colorful Shadow and Liner:

  • Not tested on animals.
  • Beautiful, vibrant shade.
  • Pencil packaging.
  • Long staying power.
  • Does not smudge, even on oily lids.
  • Great pigmentation.
  • Smooth application.

Cons of Sephora Collection My Boyfriend’s Jeans Colorful Shadow and Liner:

  • Cap might come off in the bag.
  • A bit difficult to blend when used as an eyeshadow.
  • Thick pencil makes drawing thin lines difficult.
  • Sharpening leads to product wastage.

IMBB Rating:

Would I Repurchase/Recommend Sephora Collection My Boyfriend’s Jeans Colorful Shadow and Liner?
I use this mostly as an eyeliner than eyeshadow. Next time, I might purchase the thinner version. I would wholeheartedly recommend it to everyone (especially girls with oily lids) to try this out. 🙂

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