Sephora Collection Perfecting Eye Primer Review

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Hope all of you are enjoying your day. I am back to share my latest purchase from Sephora today. I am totally into prepping up skin or skin care these days, hence all of my purchases revolve around primers or skin creams. I have so many primers to finish off first, but every time I notice a good anti-ageing eye or face primer I have to get it! Actually, I prefer using primers with face powder these days as it gives me a fresh and glowing look. And now that I have jumped into eye makeup bandwagon, I tend to collect everything related to correcting, prepping up or concealing the first signs of ageing. 😀 And, I am happy that this primer pretty much does its job well, but then I do see similar properties in low price eye primers/base like even my NYX High Definition Eye Shadow Base. Anyway, read on more about Sephora Collection Perfecting Eye Primer!

Sephora Collection Perfecting Eye Primer Review5

Product Description:
What it is:
An impeccable base for the eyelid and under eye area.

What it does:
This first step to smooth, lasting eye makeup works beneath shadow to make it more vibrant and crease-proof, and gives concealer extended, flawless wear. Formulated with a special blend of filling spheres that draw moisture to plump fine lines, it also contains anti-aging actives help to reduce fine lines with continued use. Meanwhile, light reflecting chromospheres minimize skin imperfections, brightening dark circles, de-puffing, and creating an overall soft-focus effect.

Suggested Usage:
-Apply to upper lid and under eye.
-Let dry before applying eyeshadow and/ or concealer.


Sephora Collection Perfecting Eye Primer Review7

$14 for 0.35 oz (10g), price excludes shipping and taxes

My Experience with Sephora Collection Perfecting Eye Primer:

Sephora Collection Perfecting Eye Primer Review

The eye primer comes in a sleek, plastic opaque tube packaging with a screw on cap, much to my liking. It does have a faint smell, but nothing to be concerned about. Overall, I find it pretty convenient and travel safe.The texture of the eye primer is a bit thick yet lightweight, somewhat waxy in nature. It gets absorbed with slight massage and settles into a powdery matte finish which helps my oily eyelids as it makes them non-greasy and does not allow the creasing of eyeshadow.

Sephora Collection Perfecting Eye Primer Review1

I am impressed by its temporary smoothing and perfecting properties, it smoothens out and blurs my first signs of ageing around the eye area pretty well. It holds my eye makeup very well for 6+ hours even in current hot weather around while I do see a brightening effect on my eyes post wearing this primer. However, it does tend to make my skin a bit dry and hence I need to use an eye cream in order to set this primer, but it is not a big concern for me. But, the texture and powdery matte finish might be tricky for dry skin and/or ageing beauties!

Sephora Collection Perfecting Eye Primer Review2

Overall, I find it good for my oily skin and I am pretty sure it will work well on oily, combination skin but it is tricky for dry skin and people with such skin should not mind skipping this eye primer. By the way, I have been using it for few weeks and I didn’t notice any anti-ageing effects of using this primer other than temporary blurring of those flaws and I doubt if it can replace my eye creams.

Sephora Collection Perfecting Eye Primer Review3

Moreover, my NYX HD eye shadow base does exactly what this 14$ eye primer did for my oily eyelids, though I cannot deny the fact that Sephora primer is paraben free. I might get it again for it is a paraben free eye primer, but before that I am interested to try other eye primers in market.

Sephora Collection Perfecting Eye Primer Review4


Sephora Collection Perfecting Eye Primer Review6

Let’s sum up pros and cons:

Pros of Sephora Collection Perfecting Eye Primer:

• A paraben free eye primer infused with goodness of hyaluronic acid, ceramide etc
• It easily blends on our skin and settles into a powdery matte finish
• My eye makeup stays longer than 6 hours with this primer on
• It also helps in giving creasefree and smudgefree eye makeup
• It effectively blurs first signs of ageing around my eye area for decent hours
• It does not accentuate my oily skin and it won’t cause irritation either
• It is perfect for oily eyelids to hold makeup for longer hours
• Quite convenient and travel friendly

Cons of Sephora Collection Perfecting Eye Primer:

• It might be tricky for dry skinned beauties
• I do need an eye cream prior using this
• We can get similar results with any good low end primer I believe
• It did not give me any permanent relief from those flaws or first signs of ageing

Overall, I find it quite decent and it works well on oily eyelids (please read well moisturized skin). I am interested to try new products, hence I may put this one on hold. Otherwise, it is a good primer  especially if you choose to avoid parabens.

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