Sephora Collection Show Curl XL Lash Curler Review

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Today, I am reviewing “Sephora Eyelash Curler – Show Curl XL Lash Curler for Round Eyes”.Few years back, I was using Vega lash curler which worked well for me, but a year ago, I lost that curler. . Since then I was without a lash curler. I purchased this gold curler recently and since then have been hooked on to it, I curl my lashes even when I am home these days 😛 So let us see what is so amazing about this lash curler.
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Product Description:

A newly designed eyelash curler for round eyes that gives a dramatic curl even on the most difficult lashes.This wide curler provides amazing results without creasing, tugging, or pulling lashes. The revolutionary shape and extreme curved head provide dramatic curl that starts closer to the eye. Especially effective on rounder eye shapes, the curler features precision tension to give a fast, outstanding curl, and soft silicone grips to ensure safety and ease of use.

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$ 17.00

There are totally 3 colors. Rose Quartz – Pink, Onyx- Black and 18 karat – Gold. In addition to the curler, we get 2 replacement rubber pads. I purchased 18 Karat – Gold that comes with black pad and handle.

How To Use:
Use eyelash curler on clean, dry, and mascara-free lashes. If used with mascara, lashes may stick to curler and be pulled out.

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My take on Sephora Collection Show Curl XL Lash Curler:

The eyelash curler has a wide opening that fits all eye shapes and catches hold of  all lashes. The curved band gives a better fit and stronger curl. There is a huge difference in applying mascara with and without curling lashes previously. By curling our lashes and applying mascara, our eye pops out and seem to be bigger than they are. It gives volume to our lashes and it stays curled for maximum 8 hours if you curl and then coat on your mascara.

I have round eyes. I tried quite a few lash curlers previously. In most of the curlers, the size of the curler felt smaller and they did not cover the lashes towards the end of my eyes. But with this particular lash curler, I am not facing that issue. The quality of the rubber pad is amazing. It is very soft and holds the curls. I  have read and seen often that the rubber pad falls off after many uses. But I did not face that issue either so far with this one. I am using this curler for many months now and I am using it every day as well. I feel the quality is worth the money.

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Price-wise I feel its worth what I paid for. I am not planning to change the curler often ,hence this is an investment and the pads replacement area bonus too.

Overall, I liked Sephora Eyelash Curler – Show Curl XL Lash Curler for Round Eyes. I liked its quality and the way it holds the curl. It has pretty colors and the additional pads are a cherry on the cake.

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Pros of Sephora Collection Show Curl XL Lash Curler:

  • Wider opening
  • Curved band
  • Rubber handle
  • Holds curls stronger
  • Pretty colors to choose from
  • Additional replacement pads

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Cons of Sephora Collection Show Curl XL Lash Curler:

  • I don’t see any cons

IMBB Rating:5/5

Would I purchase Sephora Eyelash Curler – Show Curl XL Lash Curler?

I will definitely re-purchase this eyelash curler if need be.

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