Sephora Collection Soft Touch Cotton Pads Review

By Meenakshi T.

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Hope you are in the pink of health and not shirking away from your skin care regimen 😛 I asked you so because that’s what I am going through nowadays. But now, I have decided that I will give more attention and time to my skin. Also, I am writing a review after a long time today since I was fully occupied with my daughter’s second birthday preparations. Thankfully, the party was a hit and our guests had a ball. Now, I am back to my routine activities, so I thought I will write a detailed review on Sephora Soft Touch Cotton Pads. The circular cotton pads are used for makeup removal and the product claims to be 100% cotton.
Sephora Collection Soft Touch Cotton Pads

Product Description:
A package of extra-gentle 100 percent cotton pads. These super soft cotton pads effectively remove makeup without irritating the skin or tearing. They are also great for applying toner and lotion, or for removing traces of nail polish when giving yourself an at-home manicure. Conveniently store them in your bathroom or take them with you when you travel.

One packet for $4 (70 small circular cotton pads).
Cotton pad packaging

My Experience with Sephora Collection Soft Touch Cotton Pads:

My Experience with Sephora soft touch cotton pads has been great. As the name suggests, it is a thin cotton pad that helps remove eye and lip makeup. You may use it for face too, but it won’t be too convenient to use it there because of the small size. The round shaped cotton pads are nicely woven giving it a smooth and even finish. The inner layer is pure regular cotton and the outer layer looks like processed cotton which gives a cotton cloth feel. This lets the cotton pad hold its shape and the circumference is nicely sealed safeguarding the regular cotton layer inside. I tried both sides of the pad and they do an equally good job and also saves me from using another pad.
Cotton pad for makeup removal

The pad doesn’t fall apart easily even after using it twice or thrice in one use. I felt that one pad is enough for both the eyes since you can use both the sides of the pad. One side is plain and other is slightly textured. The pad isn’t ultra-soft, so if your skin is very sensitive and super soft, then you might feel slight roughness on your skin, especially under the eye area, but I think if a cotton pad would be too soft, it won’t hold its shape and fall apart frequently.

The packaging is such that it can easily fit in any purse, even the small sling purses and since it is cotton, it can be further squeezed if needed. It is extremely hassle-free to take it out and the thread on the top tightens the packet again ensuring that cotton doesn’t come out.

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The best part about these pads is that they do not leave behind any lint while removing the makeup no matter how tough it is. Unlike cotton, it leaves no flakes on skin which gets irritating as we have to keep removing the cotton flakes from our lips and especially around nose pins (you will know what I am talking about if you wear one :P), which irritates me the most.
Cotton pad

It is just the right size which makes it easy to hold and wipe uniformly around the eyes. At the same time, it doesn’t lead to any wastage since it’s small and can be used on both sides. It is so much better than using regular cotton since we waste a lot of cotton for removing makeup and they also leave the cotton residue and fragments on skin which gets irritating and cumbersome to take off.

I feel that these pads are great for deep cleaning and they are gentle on the skin, but I think they could have made it a little softer for the eye area.

Pros of Sephora Collection Soft Touch Cotton Pads:

  • Doesn’t leave any fiber or cotton figments on the face.
  • Stays together even after using it for both eyes.
  • Removes makeup nicely without leaving any rash or redness behind.
  • Works well for nail polish removal as well.
  • Drawstring package ensures smooth operation as these don’t fall from the packet, so doesn’t clutter up in purse.

Cons of Sephora Collection Soft Touch Cotton Pads:

  • Slightly expensive.
  • Not ideal for soft and sensitive skin as it may feel a little rough around the eyes.

These cotton pads by Sephora are definitely worth buying as they are good in quality, but I find them a little overpriced, good for those who put light makeup. As for heavy-duty makeup, one may need to use 3-4 cotton pads at one go, resulting the purchase twice in a month. One can get cotton pads in stores as well. The store ones (the cheapest was for a dollar) are also really soft and do a good job. They wear out, but only when using them dry, once they are soaked in liquid, even they don’t leave any fiber on the face. So, unless you are too particular about having the best and you use makeup occasionally, you can give it a miss and buy the store ones. But if you are too particular about the quality and you don’t bother spending that much then, the store ones may not suffice your need. In that case, Sephora cotton pads are a great option.

IMBB Rating:

Do I Recommend Sephora Collection Soft Touch Cotton Pads?
Certainly, to those who do not mind spending that much and can’t compromise at all on the quality when it comes to skin care.

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