Sephora Collection Strawberry Creamy Body Wash Review

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I rarely ever do bath product reviews because most of the stuff I use generally has already been reviewed. Also, if you are a mom of toddlers or young kids, you know exactly how much time one gets for a bath, it is generally a sprint 😛 No matter how little time you use – there is always some “emergency” with the crayons or the water bottle or the straw which leads to knocking on the door! Right? In effect, I rarely pay much attention to bath products. However, on my last visit to Sephora , some body washes caught my attention. The packaging looked sweet, so let us find out if they are worth going back for seconds..

Sephora Collection Strawberry Creamy Body Wash

Product Details:
Ensure that your skin looks beautiful with this rich, creamy body wash. It cleanses and hydrates without drying the skin. The ultra-gentle formula produces luxurious, moisturizing foam. Upon application, it delicately scents your skin with a refreshing, stress-relieving extract. Use in the morning and at night. Apply a handful amount of body wash onto the skin. Massage for one to two minutes before washing off..
INR 520

Sephora Collection Strawberry Creamy Body Wash packaging

My Experience with Sephora Collection Strawberry Creamy Body Wash:

My standard skin type information – Despite having oily to combination facial skin, I have fairly dry body skin. I rarely take a bath with hot or cold water despite the season. As per my dermatologist, I have been advised to use lukewarm water throughout the year to ensure my dry skin doesn’t escalate to dermatitis.

Sephora Collection Strawberry Creamy Body Wash ingredients

I do not use soap on my skin and stick to body washes, but have seen that I am fairly indiscriminate in my use of these. I do not see a pattern of repeat buying except maybe TBS’s Strawberry range – body wash and body scrub, so I will invariably pick up something new each time and hope to be wowed.

The Sephora Collection creamy body washes come in a host of fragrances. You have about 11 options to chose from – ranging from Strawberry to coconut to peony to vanilla to blueberry, there is a huge variety. I picked up Strawberry because I knew I love that range from Body Shop and assumed that the fragrance would not start irritating me.

Packaging: I find the packaging of the product really nice. The opaque tube packaging is visually appealing as the clouds correspond to the fragrance of the product. It has a flip cap with a small nozzle which allows you to control the amount of product being dispensed. It seems travel friendly. Also, a big plus was that the product had a tamper-proof seal. The only part that I do not like is that there tends to be a bit of spillage from the nozzle into the cap – when you open the cap. Though this has not resulted in automatic leakage of the product outside the packaging, however, once you open and then close the cap, the product accumulated int he cap tends to spill out and just gets a little messy.

Sephora Collection Strawberry Creamy Body Wash packaging

Texture: True to name, the product is a creamy body wash. It has a creamy runny consistency. It looks like a strawberry shake with its pale pink shade and the sweet-sour fragrance of the strawberries. It is easy to dispense from the tube and spreads easily on the body and lathers well. Post washing off, it does not seem to leave a residue on the body.

Fragrance: As the name suggests, it smells quite like strawberry candy or strawberry essence – sweet and sour, not quite the effervescence of a fresh strawberry fruit. The fragrance is fairly strong while you are using it but does not linger onto the skin for too long. You really need to touch your nose to your skin to feel any fragrance. For people who do not like strong fragrance – they may appreciate that the fragrance doesn’t linger on, but then, someone who doesn’t care for fragrance, wouldn’t really opt for fragrance-based body wash in the first place. So, the fragrance is pretty much there only while you are still in the bath.

Application: There is no rocket science here. The only thing I would mention here is that the product isn’t one where a little goes a long way. You need decent amount each time for application and then it lathers well. If you skimp on the amount you use – it actually doesn’t produce any lather whatsoever.

Efficacy: A quick look at the claims:
Makes the skin look beautiful.
Cleanse and Hydrate without drying the skin.
Ultra Gentle formula
Luxurious Moisturising foam
Delicately scents your skin
Refreshing stress-relieving extracts

Sephora Collection Strawberry Creamy Body Wash Review

That’s a lot of stuff the product promises to deliver. Here is my take on it – yes, the product is gentle on the skin and the fragrance (depending on what variant you chose and how you feel towards that scent) can be mood elevating. However, I would not term the product as hydrating. While the skin feels clean and gentle, it does not feel hydrated, nourished or supple. I do need to ensure that I use a body lotion/oil post using this product. Does it delicately scent your skin? Yes – very very very delicately – and for all of 5 mins!! 😉 The strawberry fragrance takes a little getting used to but then most fragrances do – it is purely a person’s individual taste. I do not find it particularly stress relieving. Well, when you have two incorrigible boys at home (make it 3 – on weekends) – very little works to relieve the stress. And what does work – generally involves a little “spirit” to it! 😉

Sephora Collection Strawberry Creamy Body Wash swatch on hand

Pros of Sephora Collection Strawberry Creamy Body Wash:

  • A mild, creamy body wash.
  • Spreads easily.
  • Lathers well.
  • Does not leave a residue post washing off.
  • Tamper-proof packaging.
  • Did not irritate my skin.
  • Gentle on the skin.
  • Foams nicely – if sufficient product is used.
  • Did not dry my skin further or aggravate the dryness.

Cons of Sephora Collection Strawberry Creamy Body Wash:

  • Not too hydrating.
  • The fragrance is extremely artificial.
  • The fragrance does not linger on the skin.
  • The packaging could do with a better blocking of the nozzle.
  • Contains sodium laurel sulfate – SLS.

IMBB Rating:

Overall, I feel it is an okay product. You might enjoy using it for a change. However, not something which is likely to become Holy Grail status. It could work as an interesting gift option for a friend – the look and feel of the product is quite cute and one could make a nice hamper with an assortment of stuff. However, nice to use once. I will not be repurchasing it.

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