Sephora Collection Universal Lip Liner Review

Lip-liners are the hidden cost of lipsticks. In Economics, you have a term complementary goods and if you buy the main product, buying the complementary product is almost essential and I think lip liners fall in this category. First, buy a beautiful lipstick that cost you a bomb, and then buy a matching lip liner and now the lipstick costs you two bombs! 😀 Although, you can do away with lip-liners, it is so difficult to achieve the same striking result without one. But then, I found this genius product in Sephora which I now present to you *Dramatic entrance sound playing in the background*. Read the full article to uncover this genius product.

Sephora Collection Universal Lip Liner Review

Product Description:
What it is:
A colorless, long-lasting waterproof lip liner that prevents lipstick from feathering.

What it does:
This clear lip liner secretly perfects your lip contour for several hours thanks to a long-lasting waterproof formula. Setting agents keep color where it belongs and prevents your favorite lipstick from feathering. Hyaluronic acid soothes skin and ensures an easy, smooth application.

What it is formulated WITHOUT:
– Parabens

Suggested Usage:
-Apply the universal lip liner to area outside of the lip line.
-Start at the center of the upper lip and move towards the sides.
-Repeat on the lower lip.
-Add color.


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Sephora Collection Universal Lip Liner Review4

INR 700 for 1 gram.

It comes in the form of simple, sharpenable black pencil with a white cap. Nothing fancy here.

My Experience with Sephora Collection Universal Lip Liner:

Let us continue from the introduction. So, the genius product by Sephora is a colorless lip liner and that is why the name Universal Lip Liner. It goes colourless on the lips and can be used under any lipstick. The best part is that it doesn’t alter the colour of the lipstick one bit, yet gives the same result of a conventional lip liner i.e. adds definition, makes it last longer and makes the colour pop.

It has a waxy texture. When I applied it on the lips, I felt like I was putting on a wax crayon, well not the most pleasant of the textures. It also is quite matte. Some pulling and tugging of the lips is there when you apply it. Besides this, it is colourless so you can’t really make out where you have applied the liner and where not.

Sephora Collection Universal Lip Liner Review3

But, inspite of all these, final result is fabulous. Firstly, it adds definition to your lips and prevents the lipstick from going astray. It helps in preventing feathering of even some creamy lipsticks. Secondly, it dramatically increases the staying power of the lipsticks, sometimes even by two times. Next, it makes your lips appear fuller and plumper and poutier. Last, but not the least, it lets you wear the lipstick that you bought, i.e. no change in colour. Don’t you just hate it when you can’t find the liner that perfectly matches your lip colour and so you have to compromise and settle for a close match, but then it changes the colour of the lipstick you love so much. But, with this liner, there is no such issue. This was my ultimate reason of buying this Universal Lip Liner.

Sephora Collection Universal Lip Liner Review1

But, wait! Don’t yet call it perfect because there are some problems you might face. If you have pigmented lips like me, this lip liner won’t cover the pigmentation up. So, when using a lip-colour which is not opaque enough, this might not work. Also, it tends to dry out your lips so wearing a matte lipstick over it will only aggravate the problem. So, scrubbing and moisturizing your lips beforehand is a must. But, in-spite of these few shortcomings, I cannot stop myself from loving it.

Sephora Collection Universal Lip Liner Review

Quickly summarizing the pros and cons:

Pros of Sephora Collection Universal Lip Liner:

• One liner for every lipstick, saves so much money!
• Increases the staying power of a lipstick.
• Lips appear fuller and poutier.
• Helps in preventing feathering of lipsticks.
• Doesn’t change the colour of your favourite lipstick.

Cons of Sephora Collection Universal Lip Liner:

• Can dry out lips.
• Wont hide the pigmentation of lips.
• Feels like a wax crayon and is a little difficult to apply.
• Since it’s transparent, you can’t see where you have applied it and where not.
• Limited availability in india.

IMBB Rating:

Will I repurchase Sephora Collection Universal Lip Liner?
Yes, off course. This is just the perfect solution to all the lipstick issues (expect for dryness and pigmentation of lips). I am definitely going to repurchase it.

this is the perfect lip liner and I would suggest that if you can get your hands on it, go buy it. You won’t regret!

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