Sephora Collection Velvet Eyeliner Appliques Review

Sephora Collection Velvet Eyeliner Appliques Review

Hello ladies,

Happy Holi!!! Hope you all enjoy this day to the fullest with your family members and loved ones. Back in India, all my family and friends used to get together and have great fun on this day, dancing and playing with colors and lots and lots of amazing food. Anyway, let me get on with today’s review. I am a sucker for eyeliners. Whether it is the pencil, liquid or cream liner, I have it all and loads of them. So, I have been restraining myself from buying any more. Who was I kidding, I can never control when it comes to makeup. I gave in when I saw these interesting eyeliner stickers at Sephora and I had to try them.

Sephora Collection Velvet Eyeliner Appliques

Product Description:

This is an easy-to-apply, velvety eyeliner sticker that creates the illusion of liquid eyeliner.   Apply your liner like a pro with these stickers featuring perfectly drawn, eye-flattering shapes. Simply peel off the sticker, apply to your top lash line, and watch as your look transforms from day into night. Each long-wearing set comes Sephora Collection Velvet Eyeliner Appliques Reviewith glue to ensure a fabulous, fuss-free look that stays.


$5 (got mine on sale for $3)


These come packaged in a black cut out box. The eyeliner stickers are stuck on a clear plastic sheet and after using, you are supposed to stick these back on the sheet. It also comes with a tiny bottle of glue.

Sephora Collection Velvet Eyeliner Appliques

My Experience with Sephora Collection Velvet Eyeliner Appliques:

For all of you ladies who love that crisp looking eye liner but just cannot get it right, Sephora has this peel off eyeliner sticker that you can stick on your lash line and Wallah! You get a fake liquid liner that looks almost real. There were a couple of different varieties of these stickers in the store; I picked up the velvet cat eye one. These are easy to use without any hassle or mess. These stickers are reusable just like the false eyelashes. How awesome is that! I was a little apprehensive when I was buying them as these are pre cut so I thought it might not fit my eye shape. Luckily, it fits perfect. If the fit is not right for your eyes, then you can trim it to fit better.


It was hard to put on the first time, but after a couple of tries, I got it right. I use my tweezers to hold and place it close to my upper lash line. Then I use my fingers to press the inner corner first and keep patting it as I go towards the outer corner. It looks pretty good once it sticks. It adhered well on the first use without the glue. Afterwards, I needed to use the glue to keep them in place. I am not a fan of this glue all that much; I am looking for another one that sticks better.


I also use these as a stencil when I want to create that same cat eye look in another color. I put these stickers on and then do my eye makeup. When I peel them off, I get this pre crafted area that I fill with my liquid liner. It makes my work so much easier and quicker and I get the perfect cat eye look.  Although these stickers look good on my eyes and also fetch me a lot of compliments, I don’t like how they feel on my eyelids. Whenever I wear them, I am aware every second that there is some tape sticking on my lids, but it does not feel itchy or scratchy.




Pros of Sephora Collection Velvet Eyeliner Appliques:

  • Easy to use once you get the hang of it.
  • Perfect liner in no time.
  • Can be used as a stencil.
  • Reusable.
  • Affordable.

Cons of Sephora Collection Velvet Eyeliner Appliques:

  • Won’t fit every eye shape.
  • Glue does not work well.
  • Feels a little uncomfortable.

IMBB Rating:


Those of you who are already a pro at using eyeliners can give this one a miss, but if you are somewhat like me, not quite skilled in using liquid liners, then you should give it a try. There is nothing to lose at this price.

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21 thoughts on “Sephora Collection Velvet Eyeliner Appliques Review

    1. *thankyou* Arja . Yes if you are already comfortable with using liners for doing cat eyes then this one is nothing special but for girls who aren’t this would be helpful.

  1. wow Isha, this is super interesting!!!! i loved it…
    ur eyes are so beautiful and this stuff is enhancing it *haan ji* *haan ji*

  2. innovation to the core. *oye balle* . It suits perfectly for yr eyes. *announce* . Things keep coming in the market to make our life simpler day by day.. Since u said it could be a bit uncomfortable, I will think twice before i buy this.. If something irritates my eye area, I keep blinking the whole day.

  3. wooooooww this looks sooo damn amazing on you *clap* *clap* *clap* *clap* i wish it was more comfortable but hats off to you for such a glam discoveryyyy *clap* *clap* *hifive* *hifive*

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