Sephora Lagoon Creamy Body Wash Review

sephora lagoon creamy body wash review

Claims :
A moisturizing body wash that kisses skin with a soothing, refreshing scent. Be a bathing beauty with this rich, creamy body wash that cleanses and hydrates without drying the skin. The ultra-gentle formula produces luxurious, moisturizing foam and delicately scents your skin with a refreshing, stress-relieving extract. The colorful packaging will brighten your shower and your mood. This cleanser has been tested by a dermatologist and the gentle formula suits all skin types. Research results: According to a test conducted with 60 women: – 87% found the lather to be rich – 88% had soft skin – 82% reported more moisturized skin

Price : Rs 400


sephora lagoon creamy body wash ingredients


My Experience:

This is my first review from my recent Sephora Haul. I was browsing through the racks of the Makeup Candy land 😛 and came across a whole lot of body washes from Sephora. Since the summers are approaching, I wanted something hat smells very refreshing. I saw this one and it smelt pretty much like the Estee Lauder Body Cream  – almost like an expensive perfume. I was sold. I recall that there was one in Mango flavour as well and it smelt like Maaza. 😛

  • It is one of the most amazing smelling body washes I have tried. My previous most favorite one was the H20 Body wash that Aruna gifted to me. 🙂 
  • I love the simple clean and sleek packaging. Love the refreshing ocean blue color of the tube. Comes with anon fussy flip top cap.
  • It lathers up super well.
  • It leaves my skin soft and clean.
  • It rinses off easily without leaving any residue behind.
  • the fragrance totally fills up my bathroom and I love it. The fragrance lingers for hours if you don’t moisturize your skin after using this. I always moisturize my skin so for me the fragrance is limited only till my bath lasts. They have a body butter in the same fragrance, I guess I’d get that as well. 😛
  • It does not strip off moisture from my skin and neither leaves my skin dry.
  • You don’t need a lot of product in one go.

Overall I am addicted. I am going to keep re-purchasing it.I’d say, give it a sniff! 😉 I just wish it came in a travel size as well. 🙁

Indian Makeup and Beauty Blog Rating  : 4.5/5

sephora lagoon creamy body wash

sephora lagoon creamy body wash cup

Swatch :


sephora lagoon creamy body wash swatch

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18 thoughts on “Sephora Lagoon Creamy Body Wash Review

  1. Wowie…..this one sounds so awesome Rati, and you know the colour of the tube is so awesome. Also, I want to try that Mazaa smelling one 😛

  2. The color of the tube itself is so refreshing. Sounds really good. Will check their other variants too on my next trip to Del. My list is growing longer day by day. only last week when my Hubby was going to Del and I asked to get a few things he obliged but said. Do u always have a list ready what’s for the next time give now only. lolz men

  3. i loved the tube ka color in your last post… and now it works also good.. that means it goes into “next buy list”… 😉 yeeahh 🙂

  4. Woooooo I wud love to try dis for its color n fragrance.. 🙂 checking this here letsvhope I get all variants…

  5. Helloz Rati..this is a good one .. i am really impressed with the test results tooo… tempting 🙂 .. will look for it at Sephora makeup mall hahhaha 🙂

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