Sephora Lip Mask Rose, Shea Review

Sephora has stocked itself with all kinds of sheet masks. They are really serious about their sheet mask business, that’s for sure. They have a sheet mask for everything now, starting from face, eyes, lips, even hands and feet. 😀 I adore sheet masks. They are instant pick-me-ups. I always pick up sheet masks from Sephora, and during a recent trip, I picked up a bunch of lip masks. They have them in two variations – rose and shea.

Sephora Lip Mask Rose, Shea Review

Price: USD 3/ INR 190 approx.
Product Description:
What it is:
A line of soothing, leave-on lip masks to replenish, nourish, and moisturize lips in as little as 15 minutes.
What it does:
Infused with power natural ingredients, these sheet masks work to provide younger looking lips in as little as 15 minutes. Each type addresses a different skin need.

Rose Lip Mask: Moisturizes and softens for more kissable lips.
Shea Lip Mask: Protects and soothes to support lips that have been chapped or over dried.
What it is formulated WITHOUT:
– Parabens

rose lip mask claims

shea lip mask claims

My Experience with Sephora Lip Mask Rose, Shea:

They come packaged in these little packs. The mask has an outer protective layer on both the sides. You remove the outer layers. There is a slimy mask that you put on your lips. Leave it for 15 minutes and basically not talk. 😛 I am sure a man must have thought of a mask like this. lolll!! Anyway, the rose mask is mostly for people who have normal lips and want to give a bit of pampering to their lips. Shea mask is for people who have dry to very dry lips. I have used a couple of both of these masks, and honestly, I like both of them equally.

rose lip mask packaging

They both moisturise the lips, make them soft and add a bit of plump to the lips. They are very easy to use. Don’t bother talking because if you lick even a teeny bit of it, you would not like it. 😀 Every time I use these, I also feel that they loosen up the dead skin on my lips and it all comes off with just a rub of a finger. That leaves my lips soft and in really good condition. I also feel that my lips don’t feel very dry for next 1-2 days.

shea lip mask packaging

When I use these masks I like that you can give a little special attention to the lips. Especially for someone whose lips go through a lot of wear and tear, I like the idea of deep pampering my lips. These masks are also free of parabens.

sephora lip mask

They are not like the miraculous-wow masks. I find them more functional and the kinds that you’d want to use every now and then to maintain your lips in good condition. In all honestly, you can do lovely DIY lip masks at home with all natural ingredients.

lip mask protective layer

Overall, these are not the most impressive product on earth. They are nice. They are good. You can live without them. If you are lazy like me, they are a good reminder that you have to take care of your lips. I’d say that it’s always good to have a few of these in your closet to use them every now and then and especially before going for a special occasion.

lip mask

IMBB Rating: 3.5/5

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