Sephora Peony Creamy Body Wash and Body Lotion Gift Set Review

Sephora Peony Creamy Body Wash and Body Lotion Gift Set

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Yaaaay!!! This is my first product from Sephora and I am so excited about this one. I am a total bath and body products person and just can’t have enough of shower gels and body lotions. What is more exciting is the peony fragrance – as I fresh floral is my favourite kind of fragrance. So let’s get started with the review.
Today I am going to review this beautiful Sephora peony gift set. The set consists of:


• Creamy body wash (50 ml)
• Body Lotion (50ml)
• Pink Loofah

The products come in a very pretty transparent white plastic bag. The bag has a leather shiny silver border which gives it a very classy look. The Zipper bag is very convenient and I am totally in love with it. It has become my new favourite toiletry kit.


The body wash and lotion are enriched with peony flower extract. The products are paraben free.

It was a gift and my sister refuses to tell me the price.

My experience with Sephora Peony Creamy Body Wash and Body Lotion Gift Set

First let me tell you guys, I totally adored the gift pack. I love the cute little zipper bag the products came in. It is reusable and looks very nice. The lotion and body wash come in adorable pink tubes with flip caps. The caps are quite secure and there is no leakage or spillage from the tube. I find these travel sized tubes very convenient to carry around in my handbag.


As much as a non-pink kind of girl I want to be, I really do go mushy over pretty pink things. And the same goes for this pretty, soft and fluffy pink bath loofah that comes with this gift set.The body lotion is pale whitish in color with a very soft velvety texture. The lotion is very light and spreads easily on the skin. It is absorbed very quickly and does not leave any oily or greasiness on the skin. It leaves the skin very smooth and moisturized. On the flip side, it does not seem to be an intense moisturizer, so may not be that helpful for ladies with extra dry skin.


The creamy body wash is pale pink in color with a soft texture. It is very light, but lathers up well. It cleanses and refreshes the skin instantly without drying it out. It leaves the skin soft and nourished.
Coming to the fragrance, the body wash and the body lotion have a very soft, feminine floral fragrance. The fragrance is fresh and sweet, without being too overwhelming. Unlike some very strong sickly sweet floral scents, this one is mild and soothing. It has a hint of something fruity – maybe peaches or nectarines. I love this sweet floral and slightly fruity combination of smell. I would love to have this smell in an EDT or body mist.


The fresh floral fragrance from the body wash and lotion lingers for over an hour and I love to reapply the lotion mostly for its amazing fragrance.


Pros of Sephora Peony Creamy Body Wash and Body Lotion Gift Set

• Adorable zipper bag
• Cute packing
• Travel friendly
• Amazing fragrance
• Paraben Free

Cons of Sephora Peony Creamy Body Wash and Body Lotion Gift Set

• Availability in India
• Mild moisturizer
• No SPF


I would love to try other products from Sephora soon. I would totally recommend this one to everyone who love fresh floral scents and is a bath and body products buff like me. The body wash is great and it is a great smelling product but the lotion doesn’t work wonders for my skin.

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  1. I absolutely love sephora’s bath and body range. Have never tried this fragrance. Will definitley check it out this time. and this looks sooo perfect for travel. 🙂

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