Sephora Reusable Wipe For Removing Makeup Review

I love Sephora for its innovative products and great packaging. Although not all its products are heroes, but there are some really great ones like the one I am going to review today which is a reusable make-up removing wipe. Sounds interesting right! Read on to know if it is as good as it sounds.

Sephora Reusable Wipe For Removing Makeup

Product Description:

Sephora Reusable Wipe For Removing Makeup 2

INR 600 for one cloth.

The wipe comes in a reusable green and transparent plastic cover. The cover is of good quality and is not something that will tear off very easily. The back of the packaging has all the instructions regarding the usage of the wipe.

My Experience with Sephora Reusable Wipe For Removing Makeup:

This is another must-have product for me. I use so much cotton to remove my makeup that this is an ideal wipe for me. The wipe is very unique in the sense that it is semi-hard when it is dry and as soon as you soak it in water, it becomes very soft, silky, and kind of bouncy. Really cool right?!

Anyway, coming to the utility part, this wipe is really good. Let me explain how you are supposed to use it. You can use it wet or dry (I prefer using it wet, because of soft texture on soaking it). You simply pour your remover on the wipe and use it like a normal wipe i.e. by rubbing it all over your face. When used with normal pressure, it is pretty soft and almost as soft as cotton. But I did feel a tiny bit of a harshness when I rubbed it a little vigorously on my face.

Sephora Reusable Wipe For Removing Makeup

Anyway, after removing all your makeup, you can simply wash it with a detergent or soap. The best part is that it is very stain resistant and not at all hard to clean (takes a maximum of two minutes), but I did have some difficulty in getting off the stain of a few long-staying matte lipsticks of mine, but no big deal. This truly is an innovative product and I love it as it helps me save a lot of money (that I spend on cotton balls).

But I have some issues with it. Since I like to use the wipe wet by soaking it in water before pouring my remover over, it is difficult to see the amount of remover that I have poured on it and end up using more than required. Also, although it doesn’t take a lot of time to clean, but on a tiring day, even that seems like a task in itself. Finally, it’s not very travel friendly as you will need space to dry it after you use it as it does take quite an amount of time to dry completely.

So, all in all, the wipe is quite an awesome alternative to cotton balls and helps in saving money in the long term. This wipe is also very durable and will last for quite some time if cared for properly, but then, it also comes with certain issues like cleaning it after every use and then drying.  Also, it seems to be eco-friendly, but it is not as you end up using a lot of water to clean it.

So, after going for and against and for and against repeatedly, I will now try to sum up the pros and cons:

Pros of Sephora Reusable Wipe For Removing Makeup:

  • Great alternative to cotton balls.
  • Helps in saving money in the long term.
  • Soft texture which feels like cotton.
  • Durable, will last for months if taken good care of.
  • Cleans very easily.
  • Stain resistant.
  • No need to buy a separate cleanser as normal detergent can be used to clean it.
  • Gets off every bit of makeup.

Cons of Sephora Reusable Wipe For Removing Makeup:

  • Feels a little rough on the skin if used vigorously.
  • Some stains like that of long-staying lipsticks are hard to clean.
  • Need to wash it after every use.
  • Not very travel friendly, as after washing you need to find a place to dry it.
  • When you use it wet, you may end up using more makeup remover than required.
  • Availability in India.

IMBB Rating:

Would I Repurchase Sephora Reusable Wipe For Removing Makeup?
I think yes, this is nice product and comes very handy to me. But having said that, I don’t think this is ideal for everyone, especially those who are on the move or don’t like an elaborate evening skin care routine. But, it suits me really well and this is going to stay in my kitty permanently.

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  1. It’s definitely a unique product but I rather use regular facial wipes. It seems like too much hassle to wash it every time and I also think this could lead to hygiene issues.

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