Sephora Smart Liner Review

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Hello peeps,
Felt tip eyeliners are something that I have always loved for the cute winged eyeliner look. I am currently using a funky eyeliner from Sephora and have used it for quite a few days now, so I think it is a correct time to jot down my experience about this. Scroll to read more about this smart liner.
sephora smart liner

Price: Rs 1150/-
Product Description by Sephora:
A 24-hour wear eyeliner with innovative packaging that enables super-easy application and a mistake-proof, high-precision line.

My Experience with Sephora Smart Liner:

Packaging: The smart liner comes in a glossy black packaging with a very unique curvy shape. We have already seen this shape with the Lotus Curvy Liner and also with the NYX, The Curve, so nothing fancy but yes pretty unique to those who have just used those sketch pens. The eyeliner is petite and hence can be carried all around. The cap opens flawlessly and does not hurt the felt tip at all. The price is pretty high as compared to the drugstore ones because we get the usual felt tip liners for 400-700 bucks, so this is quite expensive. The shape makes it very easy to get a good grip which is why this option can be great for beginners or people who don’t have a steady hand. The felt tip is really smooth and soft and hence curves the way we want. So flawless packaging!

Shade, Pigmentation and Results: The colour pay-off and the pigmentation are just brilliant! It is amongst the darkest and the boldest blacks. The moment I layer it on, I can see a dark black colour. The look created is very catchy and attractive. It gives a neat look which looks very crisp, classy and perfect. It is a perfect option if you are into winged eyeliner looks. It gives me the perfect wings. The finish of the eyeliner is not really matte but I would call it semi-matte because it has a bit of sheen. The felt tip is very thin and hence I can get the desired shape be it thin or a thick. It dries off very quickly and it does not flake off too.

Staying power: The eyeliner stays put throughout the day if not touched or messed up with. So precisely it stays for more than 8 hours but the moment you rub your eyes, it is gone; thereafter, it looks tacky and messy. Since I bought it at a high price, I thought it would be smudge-proof and water-proof, but none! It might be water-resistant but not at all water-proof. I splashed some water and I got clean eyes. So it easily comes off with water which can be a good thing and a bad one too!

Pros of Sephora Smart Liner:

• Handy, hence can be used during travels.
• Unique shape for good grip.
• The felt tip is super soft and smooth.
• Glides easily on my eyes.
• Gives perfect shape.
• The pigmentation is just amazing.
• Blackest of black shade.
• Stays for the whole day and doesn’t flake off.
• Comes off easily with water.


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Cons of Sephora Smart Liner:

• Available only at Sephora in India
• Expensive as compared to other drugstore felt tip liners.
• Not smudge-proof or water-proof.

IMBB Rating: 3.7/5

Will I Repurchase/Recommend Sephora Smart Liner?
I will recommend it, if you are a looking for a good felt-tip liner and can shell out that amount. But I use these liners for daily wear so I would stick to the Maybelline Colossal Liner which works equally well for me.

Conclusion: Waiting to try more stuff from Sephora.

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