Sephora Smoothing & Revitalizing Serum Mask Review, Swatch

SEPHORA, Smoothing & Revitalizing Serum Mask

Claims :

The collagen-packed mask brings you the benefits of a serum and a mask, smoothing out fine lines and wrinkles, restoring radiance, and improving skin elasticity in just 10 minutes.

sephora serum mask ingredients

My Experience with Sephora Smoothing & Revitalizing Serum Mask

I picked up this mask on a random shelf-browsing at Sephora Lisbon. I love the sheet serum masks. This was a serum mask packed in a tube. I thought it was interesting. The mask says ‘ Made in France’ so I don’t know how widely it is available. I was looking for the price and ingredients online, I found no information regarding that. 🙁

Anyway, this is a thin gel like white coloured mask. It goes on transparent on the skin. You apply it on dry, clean skin. When you apply it your skin sort of looks wet- as if you have applied oil on your skin. After 10 minutes or so most of the serum gets soaked in the skin. Then you rub-in whatever is left on your skin or you can wipe off the excess if you feel there is a lot left on your skin.

Now I mostly use this mask at night. I mostly apply it somewhere an hour or so before sleeping and don’t rinse off the mask until the next morning. It’s more like The Body Shop Sleeping Mask but much better since I have used both now.

It leaves my skin looking so fresh, hydrated, smooth and plumped. I abbbsolutteely love how my skin looks i the morning. It feels like I have had an overnight facial. And I’d say that the effect stays for good 2-3 days. You can also use it before going to a party. May be just put it on your skin somewhere an hour or a two before you start getting ready. Forget about it , and rinse off the mask before you start doing your skin care and makeup. It would provide instant freshness and glow to your skin.

A little goes a long way.

It comes in this little squeeze tube so it’s easier to carry around and totally fuss free. I like these simple convenient packagings.

It smells exactly like most Sephora sheet masks or any other sheet masks- slightly alcohol-ish. The smell does not fade away as such but I don’t find it bothersome. Some people may not like it, to be honest.

I find it ideal for using it while travelling because no one would actually know that you have anything on your skin. Unlike the sheet masks that grab attention of the people. 😛

Now despite the pros, I have a lot of issues with this mask too.

  • I have no clue about the ingredients.
  • I don’t know where else to find it except may be in European Sephoras.
  • The mask is slightly sticky and on hot days, it feels even sticker. I mostly sleep in A/C but I also feel cold if it stays on for long. It’s like a catch 22 situation. 😛 I remember I had put this mask on and it was pretty hot that night. I slept fine until the air conditioning was on but when I switched off the a/c my skin got really sweaty and uncomfortable. I had to get up an wash my face. That didn’t feel good.

Overall, I do like it but I think it is more ideal if used in winters. This is also becoming my travel partner for sure. Love it but have a bit of issue. Would repurchase- yes until I find a better transparent sleeping mask. I absolutely love the idea that you could

Rating : 3/5

sephora serum mask review, swatch Swatch : sephora serum mask swatch

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5 thoughts on “Sephora Smoothing & Revitalizing Serum Mask Review, Swatch

  1. Oh the effects seem to b good. But that sticky feeling at night. Eeeww thats a downside. I knw that feeling, some night creams give similar discomfort. Winter slp is peaceful though.

  2. Since I cannot get this one around, I’ll buy the TBS one next time. I like treatments that work overnight and do not interrupt sleep. I too don’t like to sleep with AC for long, but then I do not like it when it is off. 😛

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