Shahnaz Husain Shacleanse Hydrating Cleanser Review

Shahnaz Husain Shacleanse Hydrating Cleanser Review

Hi IMBB’ians,

Well, as stated earlier, I was never good at buying the right products before getting to know about IMBB. One such product that didn’t suit my* (my!) skin is ShaCleanse.

ShaCleanse Hydrating Cleanser

Shanaz Hussain products claims to contain herbal ingredients and I was naturally tethered to it for sometime. Some products have worked for me and others haven’t. I will stop my blabbering here. 😛 Read on.


Shahnaz Hussain.


rati beauty ad

ShaCleanse Hydrating Cleanser, bought at Big Bazaar.

Net Weight:

50 gms.


Rs. 295.


3 years from DOM.

Claims by the Company:

An antiseptic, antifungal, useful in painful inflammation and irritable skin condition. Also, provides nourishment to the skin. Removes deep-seated impurities and bacteria.

Method of Use:

Apply on face, neck, and hands. Massage gently in circular movements. Remove with moist cotton.


2 Ingredients

My Take on Shacleanse Hydrating Cleanser:

3 BadPacking-Consistency

Packaging is bad, very bad. Can you see that the cap is broken? Well, the cap broke the second time I opened this tube. 🙁

In the picture, the consistency of the cleanser looks like a gel, but its more like a mixture of gel and oils. The base q.s which is listed in the ingredients is probably a gel, and they have mixed all the oil with this gel. I find the product quite thick and therefore a little pressure is required while squeezing out the product from the tube.

It does not spread well. It stays put in one place, difficult to massage/blend. So, you need a lot of product to cleanse.

Fragrance is refreshing – lemony, though not over the top, and I can smell a little neem’s bitterness too.

Does the product cleanse??

Below are the products that I am going to test this cleanser with.
L-R would be mascara,blue/black eyeshadows, lakme eye artist, eye liner, shahnaz kajal, pencil eyeliner, lip stick, lip stain, lip liner, glitter, one more lipstick & lip gloss.

4 Products used for testing

Applied the products:

5 AppliedProducts

Applied the cleanser:

6 First Swatch

Massaged a bit and the first swipe removes a little of everything.

7 A little massaging


8 Gooiee

I just have mascara, kajal and lip stain left on the second swipe.

9 Second Swipe

Just the lip stain on the third swipe.

10 Third swipe

Yes, as a cleanser, it does a good job, but I would say that this is just a mixture of oils and instead of paying so much, I can use olive oil for doing the same, (plus point would be that it would be even more gentle and would nourish my eye lashes).

It’s oily, very oily, even after washing my face a few times, I feel as though someone can fry paapad 😀 – mind you, I am usually not this oily!

To summarize:


1. Removes the makeup, granted it does not remove mascara and lip stain, but, I personally have never come across a remover that does that job.
2. This does not sting. (Lakme cleanser stung me. 🙁 )
3. It has a fresh citrus herbal fragrance, it reminds me of Aroma Magic’s essential oils and I love this fragrance.


1. Its oily, oily and oily. I personally would not recommend this to combination/oily skinnys. What’s the point if the product is just for dry skin? What about the rest of the Indian population?

2. Does not mention skin type.
3. Quite thick, does not spread easily and therefore more product is required.
3. Price.
4. Bad packaging.



Would I Buy it Again?

Nopes! I take out my waterline eye pencils/kajals and mascara with olive oil. This was a waste product for me and am wondering what to do with it. 🙂

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15 thoughts on “Shahnaz Husain Shacleanse Hydrating Cleanser Review

    1. Thank you Nidhi!! I have many more ‘bad products before imbb happened’ reviews coming up. More than what we should buy , i think we should know what Not to buy. It would helps us keep our skin clean and soft, and it would help our purses too. O:)

  1. I dont even feel like now trying the shenaz products.. :nababana: :nababana: :nababana: have read so many bad reviews about them :spank: :spank: :spank: :spank: :spank: … thnks to IMBB for saving our hard earned money.. :thanks: :thanks: :thanks: :thanks:

    1. I personally feel that their lip balm is good, but it didnt suit one of my friends and therefore wouldnt recommend it. Other products that i tried were shafair (again, this is for oily beautys alone). I use it as hand cream , that too cant use in office, coz of chip chippu.. :((
      Oh well.. at least now i know that we should read a review and then only get the products! :toothygrin: :toothygrin:

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