Shahnaz Husain Hair Touch up Review

Shahnaz Husain Hair Touch up Review

Hi friends,

Shahnaz Husain Hair Touch up : For the first time I am reviewing a Shahnaz product here on IMBB. I have always loved the kohl/kajal which I have been using from my college days. I always insist the beauticians to use Shahnaz products whenever I go for a facial or a clean-up. I love these products so madly. I recently gifted this hair touch up to my mom who was complaining about white hair. It is being used by mom and I am writing this review based on her feedback. So here goes the review.

Shahnaz Hussain Root Touch Up
Shahnaz Hussain Root Touch Up

What it claims:

  • Hair Touch Up: An exclusive herbal preparation for touching-up the hair.
  • Helps to conceal grey hair, adds lustre and provides safety from the damage caused by chemical dyes.
  • Easy to use, special herbal formula to help conceal gray hair instantly.
  • The effect lasts till the next shampoo.

Shades: Available in two shades- Black & Brown.
Packaging: It comes in the form of a stick that we have to rotate from the bottom just like a lipstick. Very compact and can be carried anywhere easily.

Shahnaz Hussain Root Touch Up
Shahnaz Hussain Root Touch Up

Price: I got it for Rs.225 (7.5g)
My Mom’s experience:

  • I bought the black one for my mom. According to her, the colour is rich and intense. Just one stroke of it is enough to cover the greys.
  • Remember, it is not a hair dye. It is for root touch ups only. My mom uses this for last minute touch ups while going for functions. It looks so natural.
  • The best part of this is that it can be easily washed off whenever needed.
  • It is herbal so there are no side effects.
Shahnaz Hussain Root Touch Up
Shahnaz Hussain Root Touch Up

Pros of Shahnaz Hussain Root Touch Up

  • 1.good packaging
  • 2.decently priced
  • 3.No side effects
Shahnaz Hussain Root Touch Up
Shahnaz Hussain Root Touch Up

Cons of Shahnaz Hussain Root Touch Up

If you apply more than needed, you will end up having your hands black whenever you touch them. Just a single stroke is enough.

My rating: :-* :-*:-*:-*

Would I repurchase: Yes. Would try the brown one this time

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31 thoughts on “Shahnaz Husain Hair Touch up Review

  1. i think i had seen this before .. it used be called hair mascara before right? neway had doubts abt it before.. but noew that iv seen this review ;im so gonna buy this for my mom today itself!!
    thanx 🙂

  2. rati, the rate at which these articles come up has me scared :struggle: apart from the strret wear eyelienr, i was going to write on this hair touch up to in the coming weeks but it’s already gone. 😥

  3. Rati, i have grey hair myself so mine would have been a more first-had review without mommy figures 🙂

    btw, did u get my last mail?

  4. ahhh….this is so cool.
    I mean my mom would be really happy to own this….will surely get this for her :-))
    thanx for review Preetha :yes: :-*

  5. Wow!! Very innovative product..and nice review!!!! :yes: :yes: I will buy one for my mom for sure..she often fusses over gray streaks if there is an occasion at hand and she has no time to color her hair..

  6. A very intelligent product !! I love it !! I’m going to suggest this to my mom too.
    Is this liquid or cream or solid ?? And how exactly do you apply it, like rotate the thing, and rub it on top of your head ??

    1. well never stained my mom’s clothes as it is not runny..its just stays when put..and this is to be applied mildly for root touch ups not a big fuss.. :-))

  7. hey preetha
    nice review
    i too ve grey hai and bought this long back.but it gives black stain when i touch my hair.
    since i ve a small baby cant use this now.
    natasha please tell me about hair mascara
    does it give stain. please help
    many thanks preetha

  8. I have been using this as and when required for a couple of monthe now and I feel this has coused more grey hair.

  9. This is a great product.. i have very few grey hair so i dont hav to hav my hair coloured again n again since the time i m using this product.. Its easy to use immidiately after having a hair wash. I would suggest buying this if u dont hav too many grey hairs.

  10. This product is just another version of kajal; nothing more than that. I bought it with great enthusiasm. It really stains, and more than if I used kajal. The suggested one stroke would never cover up the gray hair; and more that one stroke make it visible to others that something is applied to hide the gray hair. Girls, Always carry soap and water if you happen to go somewhere after wearing this; Because sometimes we may touch our head accidently/ some one else meay touch. Why would somebody spent 10 times that of a kajal to do lesser work thana kajal. After trying this product I have really lost interst and faith in their products and stopped using all their products.

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