Shahnaz Husain Ooops Acne Control All Day Gel Review

Shahnaz Husain Ooops Acne Control All Day Gel Review

Hi Ladies,

Today, my review is all about one of the worst acne product I ever came across. It is Shahnaz Husain Ooops Acne Control all day gel. After using the product I actually had to react “Oops! What have I done?” Tired of looking for the perfect spot treatment I came across this product. I had a bottle of Shaclear which was doing its work at a slow pace and I wanted some soothing quick relief. The small size of the tube made me feel that it is a spot-treatment. Later I got to know from the pack that it’s an “all day gel”. I thought of giving it a try as the pack mentioned “Tea tree+Cinnamon”. Both of these ingredients are known for acne fighting abilities.

Shahnaz Husain Ooops Acne Control All Day Gel Review

Product Description:

This unique formulation, based on clinically proven results, is for the control of pimples, acne and related conditions. It contains essential oils and plant extracts like Rosemary oil, Tea tree oil and Neem, with natural antiseptic and germicidal properties. It helps to fight acne, soothe inflammation and to keep the skin clear and healthy.

Directions For Use:

Cleanse face. Apply only on affected areas and leave on.


Purified Water, glycerin, Capryloyl Glycine and Sarcocyl and Cinnamomum zeylanicum Bark extract, Carbomer, Triethanolamine, Phenoxyethanol, Methylparaben,ethylparaben, Propylparaben , Butylparaben , Rosemary oil, Tea tree oil, Potassium Sorbate, Diazolidinyl Urea, Iodopropynl Butylcarbamate, Tetrasodium EDTA, Neem extract.


95 INR for 25 gm tube.

Acne cream

My Experience with Shahnaz Husain Ooops Acne Control All Day Gel:

I had lots of expectation from Shahnaz Husain products since this brand has earned a lot of name and fame, but to be very frank, I am disappointed since I started using them. Shaclear was my first investment. I found it a fair product due to the quantity and quality. But this gel was too bad! The first time I opened the carton of this tube, I was mesmerized with the scent of tea tree oil. I felt the gel was rich in tea tree extracts and will be definitely healing my zits. Cinnamon is known for its anti-acne and anti-blemish properties too and I often use cinnamon and honey face pack. I was happy to get both of my favorites in this gel.

Acne Gel

On application, I found this gel very sticky. I had earlier used Lotus Acne gel which was not this sticky. This gel refused to get absorbed. The sticky gel attracts dirt and I wonder how come this can be an all day gel. Working women can never wear it for a day out. It cannot be worn under make-up or under any kind of sunscreen or lotion. I ended up looking bizarre when I tried doing so with flakes of the gel and lotion mixed up. I had to wipe off my face ultimately and had to go without this gel for the rest of the day.

Coming to the anti-acne part, this gel is useless. It did nothing to my skin. The zits remained the same. It was like applying nothing. I tried to smother a lot of the gel on an active pimple, but it did nothing and my pimple reddened due to lack of appropriate treatment and I had to opt for ozone treatment at a parlour. I use it on top of my Nomarks cream at night only because I have to finish this tube and never purchase it again!

Pros of Shahnaz Husain Ooops Acne Control All Day Gel:

  • No pros, it is useless.

Cons of Shahnaz Husain Ooops Acne Control All Day Gel:

  • Sticky.
  • Does not get absorbed.
  • Ineffective.
  • Contains parabens.
  • Strangely the “mesmerizing smell” of tea tree oil has vanished. It faintly smells now. 😛

Verdict on Shahnaz Husain Ooops Acne Control All Day Gel:

I am back with Shaclear and I am relying on Biotique Myristica pack for spot treatment. I will never purchase this product and I will not encourage anyone to even try it.

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19 thoughts on “Shahnaz Husain Ooops Acne Control All Day Gel Review

    1. My beautician suggested me to opt for Shablem. She wanted to promote it perhaps! But I was smart this time 😉 I didn’t go for it. In fact the facial products are also of poor quality! I broke out after an oxygen facial!

  1. Hahahahaha! Funny pro-list. 😛 Thanks for the review, Tarannum. I have sort of made it an unwritten rule in shopping book *never* to buy a Shahnaz Hussain product unless it’s been approved my at least 5 people whose opinions I trust, which of course never happens. 😛

    1. Seriously, I was shocked what to do with this product! I couldn’t leave it unused nor could I dump it into the dustbin for I always get “that look” from my dad for buying “useless” stuff!

  2. hey nice reviw tarannum.i always say if shahnaz hussain products are so good then y dnt she uses them herself..:P try “clingard” if u have acne problems..i dnt have acne now but still i always keep it..:)

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