Shahnaz Husain Shabase Sandalwood Protective Base Review

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I have combination and pimple-prone skin.  I have tried a lot of Shahnaz products and they have always given good results.  I always keep searching for products that I can use at home or while going out casually, which can hide my light pimple marks and is good for skin as well.

Shahnaz Husain Shabase Sandalwood Protective Base Review

Product Description:

A sandalwood base especially formulated to eliminate all traces of impurities, while reinforcing the skin’s natural protective layer. Helps to protect skin which is prone to acne, pimples, irritation and rash. Moisturizes and protects skin against the abuse of the elements.Method of Use.  Apply morning and evening with Shasilk for normal to oily skin and Shamoist for normal to dry skin.

New packaging says:

Your delicate skin is exposed to numerous free radicals and pollutants, as soon as you step out every day. Protect your skin and preserve its health with the Shahnaz Husain Herbal Sandalwood Protective Base. This organic cream can be used on oily skin.  Made with a powerful blend of natural ingredients such as Sandalwood, Butter Tree Extract and Indian Water Lily, this Shahnaz Husain Sandalwood Protective Base benefits the skin in multiple ways. With itanti-inflammatory properties, the Sandal extract in this protective cream aids in providing quick relief from conditions like rashes, irritation and sun burns. Also, Sandalwood possesses antiseptic properties which take care of acne, blemishes and spots effectively.  In addition, the Water Lily extract in this Shabase Herbal Cream detoxifies your skin by eliminating the impurities present in the pores and keeps your skin free of disorders. Moreover, the revitalizing nature of Water Lily makes your skin feel renewed and lustrous. Along with cleansing action, the Shahnaz Protective Base also moisturises your skin by hydrating all the layers, keeping the texture soft and supple. By strengthening the natural protective layer of your skin, this Herbal Sandalwood Cream bars the entry of damage causing grime particles and UV radiation into your skin. Get lovely skin by having the Shahnaz Husain Herbal Shabase Sandalwood Protective Cream by your side.

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Directions For Use:

Mix a required amount into a moisturiser suitable for your skin type.  Apply all over face and neck.  Can be used at morning and in the evening.  Use regularly for notable results.


I have old packaging, but the new price is Rs. 530.  I bought it online and got it at a discounted price of Rs. 454.


I have the old packaging which I like, its an easy-to-use tube.

Makeup Base


40 gm + 10 gm free, so total 50 gm.  This tube lasts very long as one needs only a little amount of the cream.

My Views on Shahnaz Husain Shabase Sandalwood Protective Base:

I used it in the way its written on the tube. So, I had to buy Shasilk with it, which is available at Rs. 446 after discount on the same site.  Its original price is Rs. 465.  I mixed both the creams in equal amount and used it all over the face.  Initially, when I applied it on the face, I did not like the feeling, its kind of sticky, but within a few minutes, it felt nice.  If I have to go out, I dab a little face powder and I am all set to go.  It works like a light coverage foundation and gives a long-lasting matte look.  A few times, I tried using the base alone in summers and it worked well.

Herbal Foundation

It never turned my face oily which is very good.  If I need full makeup, I can do so over the base.  It works nicely with concealer and face powder.  It helped in making my skin oil free for long and does not dry out the face. I have already finished my first tube and have ordered the second one.

Pros of Shahnaz Husain Shabase Sandalwood Protective Base:

  • It gives light coverage.
  • One can use the base while staying at home as it does not feel like makeup.
  • Nice fragrance.
  • Nice packaging.
  • Available widely.
  • Can be used as a daily base.
  • A single tube lasts very long.
  • Does not make face oily and gives a matte effect.
  • It gives me a soothing herbal feeling and a feeling that I have applied something nice on my face .
  • It helped in controlling acne to some extent.

Cons of Shahnaz Husain Shabase Sandalwood Protective Base:

  • One has to buy another cream along with this base and that makes it a pricey affair.
  • Initially, when applied, it makes the skin a little sticky.  It gives a feeling that we have put something heavy on the face, but after some time, it turns into a pleasant and matte texture.

IMBB Rating:


Ladies with oily pimple-prone skin must give it a try.  Its a nice product overall. I would keep buying this one.

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6 thoughts on “Shahnaz Husain Shabase Sandalwood Protective Base Review

  1. I don’t trust this brand and trying a product at this price will be a stupid idea for me. Good that it worked for you Kirandeep. You’re one of the few lucky people who find Shahnaz products effective. 🙂

  2. if u have pimple prone skin and want to save a few bucks, try a combination of shaclove mixed with a regular calamine lotion. I have oily skin and i mix a tiny bit of shaclove with some calamine and apply. it keeps my skin matte and has calmed eruptions too. shaclove too retails for 400-500 rs, (i hate that they keep hiking the price like mad) and to make it last long i mix it with some calamine in the day time, and some aloe gel in the night.

  3. hi supriya , thankx so much for ur advice , I have been using shaclove and shaderm . one has to mix it and put on face as a pack for 20 mins. Great results . Actually i bought shahnaz pimple treatment kit . It has shaclear , shaderm and shaclove . My skin is really liking it .. I will post the review on it soon ………

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