Shahnaz Hussain Nano Hair Sunscreen Review

Shahnaz Hussain Nano Hair Sunscreen Review

Summer=Sunscreen, Sunscreen=All seasons. So we are trapped in a viscous cycle for life :p
But hey, is it only our skin that steps out in the sun! So why sun protection only for the skin. Shahnaz Ma’am (Yes, the black hair black eyes ma’am) has been thoughtful to come up with a sunscreen for the hair.


The bright yellow orange packaging says:

• 5 in1 Nano Hair Sunscreen- UVA & UVB Protection.
• Sun Protective
• Hair Damage Control
• Hair Tonic
• Hair Conditioning
• Colour Lock.


Enriched with natural extracts and sun-filters,the formulation is an ideal sun-protective spray for the hair. Sprayed on, it forms a protective layer over the hair, protecting it from sun damage and fading of hair colour. Contains vitamins and extracts of amla carrot seed, aloe vera and chamomile, it conditions hair powerfully, adding thickness and lustre. It also tones the scalp and nourishes the hair, keeping it healthy and manageable.

Directions: Spray on hair and leave on.


Ingredients: Aqua/water, Isopropyl alcohol,methyl cinnamidopropyl, aloe barbadensis etc..
Price:Rs.349,Around 280 after discount.

My Experience with Shahnaz Hussain Nano Hair Sunscreen :

I was too happy to find this product on the shelf. I don’t think there is any other hair sunscreen to boast of providing all these benefits. At first I thought why the name Nano, it isn’t that small :p
Later I read Nano Technology helps in absorption of the precious herbs with atomic precision. The spray is convenient -no fuss. Now here comes the bad part. Its a torture to the sensory organs of smelling! It smells like acetone of some kind. But good part is the smell doesn’t linger around on the hair for long.

Coming to its claims, I really wouldn’t be able to say if acts as a sunscreen or not, On spraying, it does add instant volume and gives a healthy sheen to the hair. The hair looks thick. So great for girls with thin hair. I wish I had got this when I had coloured my hair.


Smile because :

It is inexpensive.
It has multi benefits.
Adds instant volume. Hair looks thicker.
Has an expiry period of three years

Frown because:

It smells gruesome.
Has alcohol.

Need I say more? Go rush and get this now.

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