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Aarthi Asks:

How important is it to use the shampoo and conditioner provided by the parlours after doing a hair treatment like straightening?

I have done straigtening recently and I am pretty happy with my Fabindia avocado shampoo but in the parlours they insist me to buy it saying that I get their shampoo else my hair would be in a bad shape. Is that true? Or is it just a marketing stunt to sell the products?


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  1. L’Oreal salons almost force their customers to buy various their L’oreal products. I don’t know much about straightening hair and its requirements but I believe it would be a marketing strategy.

  2. ummm okey i got my rebonding done twice and the first time all through out i used teh loreal shampoo.
    teh second time my own!it did not make much big diff.
    when u get ur hair rebonded they treat it with a hell lota chemicals so beautralise the effct or maintain it they give u all the more chemical based strong shampoos.some can be specially formulated by them for straight the once frm matrix comes in a orange bottle.
    what id suggest you is keep using what u have been using if its fabs shampoo but condition more.whethr its by deep conditing masks,leave in conditioners or by oiling.
    just make sure u do not get split ends and ur hair doesnt dry out.
    the hair becomes dry and starts nourish ur hair!
    just more maintainc by the products of ur choice :worship:
    if it helps first time i used :loreal shampoo for dry hair the one which used to come in steel grey bottle,aussies leave in conditioner and matrix hair serum.
    2: matrix hair masque deep condionitng(once a week.awsum product),oilled once a week,leave in conditioner by bedhead,fortifyng shampoo from amtrix and i still continued the serum use matrix.

    njoy ur straight hair

    1. Yea….Matrix is very good. My severe hair problems have at last started to disappear with the usage of Matrix. It rocks! :yes:

  3. hey! my friend has recently straightened her hair and she uses the shampoo and conditioner provided by the salon. According to her, her hair gets stiff and pretty unmanageable whenever she uses any other product. Actually professionally straightened or permed hair need special care and special hair-care range is made for treated-hair. But you can do one thing, keep using your regular shampoo and conditioner for a week or two. If you notice any damage or stiffness, change your shampoo and conditioner, otherwise stick to it. Hope it helped.

    1. My hair is naturally smooth and wavy so they call this treatment smoothening and they say it is less aggressive than straigtening or rebonding. Also my normal shampoo and conditioner does a decent job so never faced this stiffness or anything.

      1. Well, if your regular shampoo n conditioner are not causing you any problem, then stick to them. And, even I’ve had smoothning done on my hair and I didn’t change my shampoo and conditioner….as long as you’re okay with it, don’t change it and enjoy your smooth hair!! :toothygrin:

  4. even my frnd did re-bonding… n she bought d loreal shampoo & conditioner on her insistence. she has very very long hair.. it took 5 hrs for her for re-bonding.. she paid 14,000/- along wid Loreal shampoo & conditioner. I dont know… if d rates are right???

    sm1 plz comment on dis… I feel she has been overcharged. :waiting:

    1. Well actually it depends more on the thickness of the hair than its length. But if it has taken 5 hours…then the charge is pretty nominal (depends on the salon actually).

  5. yes priyanlas right i said they might have specially formulated stuff but mostly its to protect ur hair and help it stay nourished ๐Ÿ˜‰

  6. @manali i had hip lenth hair whn i first got don frm a localy salon using loreal stuff i was charged 6 3 yrs bak!i think thats way too much!
    and tehse days thr r so many packages!

  7. I hv never experimented wid my hair…. I hv seen many gals trying… n after a period their hair looks like a jhaadu… :weep:

  8. Hi Aarthi,

    I think you can see the flaw hidden in your question here- you are not asking about a standard product which is available everywhere and stays the same everywhere. So any feedback you get would depend on personal experiences and may not apply to you in a similar fashion. In general I have heard that the Salon products are good, but again, I am dead sure that it would vary from Salon to Salon.
    I think it would be a logical choice to ask the salon about the ingredients that they use (and research them) and how the shampoo is better than the one you are using. Perhaps if you feel that they have a sound reasoning for creating that shampoo, you can go for it. Otherwise give it a miss.

    1. I askd them Sanjeev. They said since my hair is treated with heavy chemicals I need extra care to mantain the effect for a long time and also to prevent any damage they say these shampoos do a better job. Also they used wella to do the treatment and hence if i use the wella shampoo it would be better. Anyway I am going to the salon now and I am prepared with a set of questions. Will question them more and I’ll get the products only if their reply sounds meaningful. Thanks for the suggestion Sanjeev.

  9. m happy wid shampooing n conditioning.. even oiling… mine r pretty manageable… these treatments r so tempting.. seeing others, I too feel so… bt.. jhaaduuu later on…. NOOOOOOOOOOO :silly:

  10. yes ur right manali my hair did end up like jhadu aftr the secnd one at a point!i cut it shoulder length nd grew back all natural healthy hair ๐Ÿ˜‰
    continous rebonding for 2 yrs did that to me!
    @ aarthi seems like ok!not much!u got it with loreal or matrix?

  11. hey aarthi, a good frend of mine is at looks delhi… she suggested once that post straightning u must use products designed espclly for it… no particular brand she mentioned but yes, i think loreal or matrix have a complete range of shampoos n conditioners for straightnd hair…
    u must giv tht extra doz of moisture to ur hair now, use serums too….
    take care

  12. he he he same things happen with me i cant just say no to my BP they make me purchase their shampoos but seriously i didnt find it as good as parlour claims so just pass it to my sis or frns… ๐Ÿ˜‰


    1. Aarthi i have done Schwarzkopf smoothening sometime back..not fully just the crown portion just for experimenting…for me i have noticed slight hairfall when i used any other shampoo other than the Schwarzkopf one for straightned hair..but i use dove conditioner and have had no problems..i think you must watch for any hairfall and then decide how to go about!!varies from person to person

  14. But let me tell you one thing, be it loreal or schwarzkopf salon(professional)series of products are way too better than the ones we get in shops…i have used loreal professional ones and the normal ones and i can say there is lot of difference in the way your hair behaves…

  15. Atlast after having a 15 mins QnA session at the salon I decided to buy their shampoo n hair mask [i skipped the conditioner] to treat my hair and lock in the moisture needed ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. one things there aarthi… i had straight but frizzy hair…and had lots of split ends.. my hunt for shampoos was never ending.. i tried sooo many shampoos na…. u name it and iv tried it…. seriously im not exagerating

    but the moment i started using these proffessional range shampoos be it wella , shwarzkopf, loreal theres no looking back!! they worked like magic, my hair became super managable, no frizz and improved ends… they dont look damaged anymore…

    now i like literally look down upon drugstore shampoos ๐Ÿ˜ ๐Ÿ˜ ๐Ÿ˜ ๐Ÿ˜› :plane: :plane:

  17. I have never had my hair treated, but like Shyna said wanted a little bit of salon like experience at home, so I bought a loreal absolute repair hair masque , i use it once in two weeks, and yes there is a difference. i feel if at all you must buy salon like products buy a conditioner or a masque, coz a shampoo gets washed away pretty soon. Also one thing that I do is oil my hair to death once a week. It keeps it happy.

  18. I have straightened my hair 3 times in the past 3 years. And i have been using the loreal professional products since then. I did try a few drugstore shampoos, but all of them leave my hair really frizzy. I find the loreal products really good. My mom uses it as well, and it has visibly relaxed her curls.

  19. My stylist, on being grilled mercilessly, confessed that people dont need the shampoo and conditioner of the brand used for rebonding if:
    1) They had originally strong and healthy hair
    2) They maintained a healthy diet
    3) They took good care of their hair regularly.
    So if it’s yes to 1, 2 & 3,you can probably go ahead with what suits you. ๐Ÿ™‚

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