How To Shape Eyebrows With Pencil

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In this post, I am going to take you through how you can use an eyebrow pencil to effectively fill in and shape your brows. Thick and full eyebrows have been all the rage in the beauty industry, and nothing spells glamour like a nice, filled in pair of gorgeous eyebrows. An eyebrow pencil is a beauty must-have for every girl. Here are some useful tips and tricks that you can use to fill and shape your brows:

Eyebrow Shape Pencil

1. Start with a clean base: The first and most important step is to start with a cleansed face. If you are planning to wear makeup on that day, it’s important to first do your base makeup before using any eyebrow product.

2. Use a big mirror and good lighting: Instead of using a magnifying or zoomed in mirror, make sure to use a large mirror in a well-lit room. This will be more useful in terms of keeping track of the overall eyebrow shape.

3. Pick the right shade: Picking the right shade for your eyebrow pencil is key. As a general guide, a colour that is two shades lighter than your hair is a good one for your eyebrows.

4. Go for a soft, natural formula: Don’t pick a formula that is too chalky, too thick or too pigmented. You want to go for a formula that’s as close to your eyebrow texture and colour as possible.

5. Stick with a cool-toned shade: Make sure to always pick a cool-toned shade for your brows. Warm-toned eyebrow pencils tend to look more unnatural. A grey undertone for an eyebrow pencil usually works for most people.

6. Focus on the gaps, arch and tail: When using an eyebrow pencil, you want to focus on three parts of the brow. Fill in any visible gaps, enhance the arch and extend the tail.

7. Brush the hairs upwards: Make sure to keep brushing the eyebrow hairs upwards, intermittently, with the use of an eyebrow brush. This will help you achieve a more defined shape.


8. Use very short and light-handed strokes: The key to filling in your brows with a pencil, as naturally as possible, is to do it in very short strokes and to use a very light hand while doing so.


9. Use swift upward motions: In terms of the direction and motion of the filling in process, make sure that you’re doing it in swift, upward motions with a very light hand and in very short strokes.

10. Don’t press the pencil: Another thing to keep in mind is to never apply any pressure against the pencil. Not only does that make the pencil more prone to breaking, but it also prevents the brows from looking naturally filled in.

11. Measure and fill in where necessary: To achieve a symmetrical look, you might want to measure one eyebrow against the other using a ruler. Now, draw an outline using the brow pencil and fill in the blank spaces accordingly.

12. Set with a brow gel: To finish the look, make sure to set the brows in place with a brow gel. You can use a tinted brow gel for more amped up colour and definition.

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