SheaMoisture Olive & Green Tea Hand & Body Scrub Review

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I make my own body scrub at home but for the first time I wanted to give a try to a commercial body scrub and since I like the SheaMoisture brand, I bought the one which has the goodness of olive oil and green tea. Keep reading to know more about it.

SheaMoisture Olive & Green Tea Hand & Body Scrub Review

Price: $9.99

Product Description:
SheaMoisture’s Olive & Green Tea Hand & Body Scrub is an ultra-moisturizing sugar scrub that exfoliates and nourishes while leaving skin smooth and youthful looking.
Featured Ingredients:
Olive Oil – with its high content of healing Vitamin E and fatty acids, helps to hydrate, repair and heal skin. Green Tea – powerful antioxidants protect skin from free radical damage. Avocado – rich in Vitamins A, D, and E, Lecithin and Potassium. Helps nourish skin.

My Take on SheaMoisture Olive & Green Tea Hand & Body Scrub:

I usually use the ingredients in my pantry to make my own body scrub and that works just as well but now that I have a busier schedule I decided to go for something more readily available and that does not leave a mess behind.


Packaging: The product comes in a 12 Oz plastic tub which looks like The Body Shop scrub jars and even though it does not look fancy, it serves the purpose well; the packaging is clear so I know when it’s time to purchase again.


Consistency: It has the usual body scrub texture and consistency – gritty substance mixed well in an oily medium. It is easy to spread on my skin and scrub in circular motion. It does not crumble readily and lingers on skin till washed off with warm water.

sheamoisture scrub

Fragrance: I love the fragrance – nothing particular I can pin point to but still it is very mild and pleasant and lingers for a while.

Efficacy: I usually love to scrub my body before a hot shower session or when I am due to shave my legs, since it opens up the pores and makes hair removal process easier. After I massage it into my skin for a good couple of minutes, I wash it off with warm water and it leaves my skin smooth and shiny with its soothing aroma still lingering on my skin. I have used it all over my body from neck down and it has worked well, to exfoliate my skin and leave it clean and smooth. It does make my skin appear red for a few minutes but that vanishes soon and does not make skin appear raw and tampered with.


Conclusion: It is a good and relatively cheap body scrub and is a better option than The Body Shop body scrubs which have the same ingredient list but cost way more.

Pros of SheaMoisture Olive & Green Tea Hand & Body Scrub:

• Packaging – clear plastic tub.
• Does not make skin overly greasy or oil.
• Very soothing aroma – reminds me of face and body lotions.
• Does not contain sulphates or other harsh chemicals.
• Good for exfoliating skin and makes hair removal easier.
• Leaves skin smooth, soft and shiny.
• Can be used before or after shower.
• Has goodness of all the essential oils and is not as expensive as other options available in market.

Cons of SheaMoisture Olive & Green Tea Hand & Body Scrub:

• Can’t think of any.

IMBB Rating: 5/5

Would I Repurchase SheaMoisture Olive & Green Tea Hand & Body Scrub?
Yes, I would buy this product because it performs well and also because my skin loves it. I recommend it to all the readers – it can be used all over the body except the face (might clog pores), it is affordable and smells amazing.

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