Shhhh! Busting Beauty Hacks!

Hey Girls,

Everybody loves beauty hacks, there’s no doubt about that. They’re my favourite and life is so much easier once you actually discover them. But, we’re not perfect. Sometimes we tend to make mistakes and it can happen with beauty hacks too. I’m going to tell you a few of them. I hope you haven’t made any of these mistakes yet. Go!

Shhh Busting Beauty Hacks


This can of aerosol helps your curls to stay and keeps your stray hair at bay. But, I’m pretty sure there’s a beauty hack going around that it can also double up as a fixing spray for your makeup. I’ve never experimented with this hack before, but it’s pretty tempting. You’re practically killing two birds with one stone, but you’ll regret it eventually.

Shhh Busting Beauty Hacks

Why? Simple, it’s not meant to be applied on the face. It’s got lacquers, alcohol and all the other bad stuff that’ll dry out your skin and leave your face dehydrated. It’ll result in older-looking skin. Plus, the repellents in hairsprays could irritate the skin and leave it red and bumpy.


I’m not really sure if this is a really famous beauty hack, but I remember a friend telling me that you could apply deodorant to areas on your face that might perspire to keep your makeup from melting off. I thought it was kind of weird because deodorants are meant for underarms, but this beauty hack does exist.

Shhh Busting Beauty Hacks

Don’t try it though! Again deodorants contains aerosol and other chemicals that could be harmful to the face. Your skin could be left irritated and you might even get a few breakouts. Plus, it’s pretty unhygenic to apply anything that’s meant for underarms on your face. Your skin perspires because it wants to breathe. It’s natural and it’s doing what it needs to do. Instead of using this beauty hack, there are other ways to keep your makeup from melting off.

Body Lotion

A body lotion hydrates the skin and so does a facial moisturizer, but a body lotion is solely meant for the body only! Till the day a all-in-one lotion is created for both the face and body, don’t try to substitute body lotions for your facial moisturizers.

Shhh Busting Beauty Hacks

Body lotions are much thicker in consistency compared to a facial moisturizer and they occasionally contain fragrances that can irritate the face. The skin on your face is much more sensitive and delicate as compared to the body and you should use something that’s lighter in consistency and more delicate and gentle to the skin.

Foot/Heel Creams

I’ve heard this beauty hack from so many friends during my high school days, but trying this would be a huge, huge, huge mistake. No matter how desperate you are for a moisturizer, never ever opt for a foot/heel cream!

Shhh Busting Beauty Hacks

It’s formula is meant to break down the thick calluses on your feet/heel and provide moisture to that area, but they’re too sticky, too rich and too thick to be applied on to any areas of the face. The chemical exfoliants in foot/heel creams are usually very high in percentages and applying it anywhere on the face would just result in a horrendous outcome.


Ran out of your favourite facial cleanser? A little too held up to buy a new facial cleanser? You’ve heard that shampoo can double up as a facial cleanser? Warning! Bad idea! Don’t try it at all! Shampoos clean our scalp and hair, removing excess dirt and oil from it. But the surfactants in shampoos are totally incompatible for facial cleansing. Facial cleansers are designed to deal with the delicate molecules of our skin, but shampoos are not.

Shhh Busting Beauty Hacks

If you did try this before, you would notice that you’ll end up with clean, dry and flaky skin. The better alternative would have been to just cleanse your face with water.

These are the few beauty hack mistakes that some might make. I hope you haven’t made any of these mistakes and if you were planning to try one of these beauty hacks, don’t!! Have a great one girls! 🙂

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