Shiseido Ma Cherie Straight Hair Gelee Review

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I feel Shiseido has products suited for every price level. I found this product in the mecca of anime and gadgets, Akihabara. The sales assistant recommended this product to me when I asked about a good heat styling product. All the Ma Cherie products are at drugstore pricing. Let’s find out more about this one.

Shiseido Ma Cherie Straight Hair Gelee Review

Product Description:
Your hair can be more beautiful!

Getting the hair attractive & lovely (kawaii in Japanese words) is not an easy job without good hair styling products, and now we are proud of bringing you this super hit superior hair wax from Japan! 100% high quality from Shiseido Japan, now at an affordable cost.


1. Treatment Performance
– the red algae extracts give you the treatment effect to repair & nourish your hairs, especially good for dry, damaged or permed hair

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2. Hair Foundation Effect
– as a transparent (clear) “hair foundation” to improve the look of hair and make it look more glossy than ever, in terms of light reflection & fixation

3. Premium Touch
– light, non-greasy (non-oily type) and premium texture, it allows you to create your hair styles in an easier & more convenient way, and more importantly, as professional as salon quality!

4. Attractive Floral Fragrance
– with the characteristic floral fruity fragrance (Ma Cherie’s fragrance), it enhances your hair beauty by the smell.

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My Experience with Shiseido Ma Cherie Straight Hair Gelee:

This is mainly a styling gel that is supposed to contain Champagne Honey Gelee. It is also a heat protectant and reduces static.

Packaging: The product comes in a pink squeeze tube with a luxurious design on the front which shows up better when light hits it. It comes with the words Ma Cherie written within a beautiful design and lovely font. There is 100 g of product in it. It is travel friendly and I am planning to take it with me on my next vacation. Bonus: it looks very pretty on the vanity.

Shiseido Ma Cherie Straight Hair Gelee Review

Consistency/Texture: It is has a transparent gel consistency that spreads very well. Since my hair is very dry, it soaks up this product.

Smell: The smell is very distinctly fruity, but not overwhelming in any way. It also smells a little like ethanol (ethanol is one of the ingredients), which I am not a fan of. I do not have a problem with it as I start heat styling my hair, but as time goes on (it takes me a half hour minimum to fully straighten my hair), the smell gets a bit annoying. For everyday use, I enjoy it a bit better. But, those who are very sensitive to scents might not enjoy this.

Shiseido Ma Cherie Straight Hair Gelee Review

Feel On the Hair: It does not weigh my hair down by any means. My hair feels rather light and clean after use. It also makes my hair shiny and I love that. For heat styling, if too much product is used, it gets a bit messy. So you have to be careful to use only a tiny amount. I would recommend just a pea sized amount for a 1-inch thick section of hair.

Shiseido Ma Cherie Straight Hair Gelee Review

Usage: I have frizzy and curly hair that require a solid product for heat protection. I find myself reaching only for this product when I want to heat style my hair. For everyday styling, I use a small quantity on the entirety of my straightened hair and brush it out.

I squeeze a pearl sized amount or smaller when I am working with sections. Since this is a gel, the area to be applied on is very targeted and you can control the quantity. This is not a mist formula, but the Ma Cherie line has that too.

I also find a difference when I use no heat protectant vs. this product vs. other products. This product ensures my hair remains straight for the longest. Also, since you need such a minute quantity, the product will last easily from 3 to 6 months depending on frequency of usage.

Shiseido Ma Cherie Straight Hair Gelee Review

Pros of Shiseido Ma Cherie Straight Hair Gelee:

• Light, airy gel texture.
• Spreads easily.
• Reduces static.
• Heat protectant properties.
• Travel friendly packaging.
• Hair stays straight for longer.

Cons of Shiseido Ma Cherie Straight Hair Gelee:

• Smell can get overwhelming after some time.
• Smells like fruits and ethanol mixed together.

IMBB Rating: 

Would I Recommend Shiseido Ma Cherie Straight Hair Gelee?
Go for it if you don’t mind the smell!

Would I Repurchase Shiseido Ma Cherie Straight Hair Gelee?
Yes! Also, I am excited to try more products from the Ma Cherie line.

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  1. Thanks for the review. I was looking for a heat protecting product but wasn’t able to find it with my limited Japanese. I will get this now:) My hair is thin and fine but since it doesnt weigh hair down(if used in less quantities) I am even more excited!

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