Shiseido Perfect Milk Makeup Remover and Face Wash Review

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After the success I have had with Shiseido Perfect Whip Makeup Remover and Face Wash, I was pumped to test this out which combines both my most loved products into one. How does it compare to those two individual products? Read on and see.

Shiseido Perfect Milk Makeup Remover and Face Wash

Packaging:  This product comes in a plastic, partially see-through blue container. It comes with a cap, so you have squeeze product out. There is 150 mL of product in the tube.

¥906. Made in Vietnam.

Consistency:  This has a very thick consistency and is milky white in colour. It spreads on the face with minimal effort. It makes strings while dispensing which is very typical of a soapy product. Right off the bat, let me tell you this is an utter, utter, epic fail for me. It did not work out. I wish Japan had the policy of accepting returns like the US but it does not. So, I will continue to use it as face wash! Let me tell you why. It claims to remove makeup and cleanse your skin.

Shiseido Perfect Milk Makeup Remover and Face Wash

One thing to keep in mind is that you have to apply this product on wet rather than dry skin. While it does work decently enough on regular, non-waterproof, non-long-lasting products, it sucks at removing anything beyond that.

Shiseido Perfect Milk Makeup Remover and Face Wash

It did not remove my Revlon Colorstay foundation. As for eye makeup, you can forget it because it stings the eyes like crazy. It is so intense that I decided to avoid the eyes and just stick to the rest of my skin. It does a so-so job at removing regular foundation and does not cleanse my face enough. I have tried using this on already-cleansed, wet skin, and it seems to work a little better.

Shiseido Perfect Milk Makeup Remover and Face Wash

So, this is more of a face wash than a makeup remover, in my opinion. As a regular face wash, yes, it does a decent enough job but as a makeup remover, it just does not cut it. Even against its own Shiseido makeup remover which is from the same line! And even as a face wash, I would prefer their other face washes to be honest.

Pros of Shiseido Perfect Milk Makeup Remover and Face Wash:

  • Does a decent enough job of cleansing the face.
  • Spreads on the face very easily and with minimal effort.

Cons of Shiseido Perfect Milk Makeup Remover and Face Wash:

  • Does not remove waterproof or long-lasting products.
  • Is a better face wash than makeup remover.

IMBB Rating:

Would I Recommend Shiseido Perfect Milk Makeup Remover and Face Wash?
I am sorry to say that Shiseido has made a dud and I would not recommend this to anyone. I would, however, recommend the other 2 products from their line which work way better, the makeup remover and face wash.

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