Shiseido Perfect Rouge Lipstick – PK249 Bloom

Shiseido – Perfect Rouge Lipstick – PK249 Bloom


Rich, vibrant color that envelops your lips with just one lustrous coat. The creamy texture with nurturing ingredients improves the lips’ condition with regular use.
Specially sculpted shape and angle designed to create a beautiful finish with just one stroke.

Color technology: Red Illuminating Pearl, adds strength and vividness that creates truly brilliant color definition, and the instant you apply it, vibrant color blooms on the lips.

Skincare Technology: The moisturizing effect lasts all day long with the help of Hyaluronic acid to hold moisture in, and Super Hydro-Wrap Vitalizing DE to lock it in. Lips look naturally smooth.


INR 1800

I am happy to review another gorgeous lipstick from my current favorite brand “Shiseido” This was again a sample I have received on behalf of IMBB. I am so head over heels for Shiseido at the moment that I cannot remember when I was in love with a brand like this, last! This is another popular peach-pink lipstick in a shade called Bloom and believe it is the most luscious peach ever.


The website suggests the name of the colors but the pack does not. I wish they would carry the name of the lipstick like “Bloom” for this one on the carton too with the numbering. The packaging could  be as glam as the lipsticks they make.As of now, all the products look as black in terms of packaging. They have an amazing selection of color in terms of lipsticks.They have a lot of finishes and the creamy ones are so creamy they are actually like a burst of moisture on your lips.



The color bloom is a peach with pink undertones and it has a creamy luscious saucy finish.The pigmentation is amazing for such a light peach, it literally coats the lips and hides lip pigmentation in just one swipe thereby providing intense moisture to dry lips.The lipstick is so soft and creamy that if your lips are flaky, you could actually damage the bullet 😛 You need clean non-flaky lips, this lipstick will take care of dryness and also fill up lip lines to make lips supple.



The color is not very flattering for yellow or warm skin tones,it could make you look sallow.When I wear it in two swipes, it kind of makes me look yellow.Skin with more pink tones could carry this,for me, it kind of stands out and washes me.This color is not for Indian warm skin but cool skin tones which can carry peach will love it.



So far the lipstick does not look like it will melt or break despite being so creamy.The cap also click locks so you could carry it easily.It glides smoothly like butter with the slightest pressure.shisiedo_lipstivck_PK_249_bloom_swatches__1_


In spite of being creamy, it never bleeds on me. I love the finish.I could wear it on top of darker lipsticks.The color goes opaque in one coat which is impressive.The staying power is reasonable,4-5 hours.It leaves a light peach hue on the lips after a meal. So far, I am loving the texture of Shiseido lipsticks.They have loads of colors to choose from, this one is recommended to cooler skin tones.



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  1. my god neha.. ur swatches made it luk priceworthy.. *jai ho* *jai ho* If i wud ever splurge in shiseido stuffs then probably credit goes to ur flawless swatches.. *jai ho* *whistle*

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