Shocking Facts About the Beauty Industry

By Shibri Kandhari

Last week while travelling in a train, I got an opportunity to meet this lady who works with a leading cosmetic brand and their company supplies products to various high-end salons across the country. She has been a part of the beauty industry for more than 20 years and during our chit chat, she shared some really interesting and shocking truths about our beauty industry. I would love to share some gyaan with you guys as well so that it would help you make wise decisions in the future.

Ugly Truth Behind The Beauty Industry

1. Hair Treatments:

Ugly Truth Behind The Beauty Industry

Hair straightening/smoothening treatments sound like a dream to many as they can transform the texture of our hair completely. This lady told me from her own experience in the industry that how harmful these hair texturing treatments could be. Hair straightening/smoothening treatment cause so much damage and make the hair so weak that there’s no comeback. Once we start doing hair straightening/smoothening treatments, we have to continue doing it all our life as our hair can never be same again. Whatever little plans I had in my head to get hair treatment done, vanished the moment I heard what she had to say 🙁

2. Hair Dye:

Ugly Truth Behind The Beauty Industry

As per the info shared by that lady, it is fine to color your, but that should be done within limits. Over exposure to dyes can have severe adverse affects on skin, hair and scalp. Opting for local and lesser-known brands for coloring your hair is a big no-no. They contain harmful chemicals which can cause various skin allergies apart from having adverse affects on your hair. If you have to color your hair, always opt for well-known reputed brands.

3. Sunscreen Facts:

Ugly Truth Behind The Beauty Industry

No matter how big a brand is, no sunscreen lasts more than three hours. Sunscreen usually lasts between 2-3 hours. Three hours is the maximum time for which a sunscreen works. Companies/brands hide this fact while promoting their product. They will never tell you about this, but all the tall claims are false. So, the people who apply sunscreen in the morning and feel safe throughout the day need to wake up and make sure that they are re-applying it every 2 hours. I already knew about this fact, but hearing it again from that lady was a reminder.

4. High End Cosmetics:

Ugly Truth Behind The Beauty Industry

Many personal care products contain toxic chemicals not listed on the labels. If you are too much into skin care and cosmetics, always make sure to go for reputed brands. Cosmetic companies usually don’t specify ingredients clearly and completely. This happens usually in the case of small or lesser known brands. Big/high-end brands have an image to live up to, so to meet the industry standards and to maintain the brand’s image, they have to be clear about the ingredients they put into products. So, usually all big brands do so and are comparatively a safe bet.

5. Minimal Skincare:

Ugly Truth Behind The Beauty Industry

She told me that all cosmetic products are loaded with chemicals, even the herbal ones. No matter how much a brand emphasizes on being natural or herbal, all claims are over exaggerated. Companies usually give a vague percentage of compounds used in their products without clearly specifying the actual quantity. It is not wise to rely on this information. Using too many products does more harm than good in the long run. So, be smart and keep your regime as simple as possible.

6. Homemade Remedies:

Ugly Truth Behind The Beauty Industry

Many skin care products contain chemicals that are toxic for the skin. She told me that in spite of being a part of the beauty industry for around 20 years, she herself relies on homemade packs and remedies as she knows the ugly truth of cosmetic industry. So, it is wise to use as many home products as possible for long- term benefits. It was another gentle reminder for me.

I hope these points are helpful to all of you out there 🙂

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12 thoughts on “Shocking Facts About the Beauty Industry

  1. This is why I love train journeys Shibri. You get to meet at least one interesting person, especially my parents are very talkative and end up making loads of friends.

    My sister has been getting her hair straightened almost every year for more than eight years now. I know it is a vicious circle and her stylist often tries to persuade me too. But, I am just too scared of chemicals. Even for my packs and scrubs, I rely on home remedies. Great post. We all need to see this side of the beauty industry, but then we won’t buy their products without tall claims.

  2. very nyc info…and after knowing d ugly fact behind strghtng I cant look bk as it makes awful if I dont straighten dem once in a year…too much damage i guess 🙁 nd nt gona trust any herbal products now huh

  3. All the points well said. Especially the sunscreen one it do not stays more than 2 hours only , it gets wiped out easily.

    This is the reason we should always opt for our grandma’s tips , look at her she would look more young than you sometimes. I have seen all my grandpa’s and ma’s they have a unique shine on their face without using beauty products even

  4. Shibri,

    An informative post indeed.

    I remember my beautician telling me all these facts. She even told me her clients who are serial actresses who start using wigs for their hair as everyday straightening / blow dry was causing heavy hairfall for them and that they resort to only home masks and DIYs rather than parlor facials.

  5. This is actually a very helpful post …all my friends who have had hair straightening done had to chop off the lengths of the hair post 6 months or a year – because hair thins out and becomes brittle after the treatment starts to wear out. Homemade remedies are often way better than the packaged treatments – and instead of using multiple creams in this humid weather , people should just go consult a dermatologist and get their problems treated .

  6. hhahah the irony is many of us know it, I have gotten smoothing done twice despite hairfall
    and yes homemade treatments have helped me in school with my tan, I swear by those

  7. Yeah my dermatologist told me to reapply sunscreen after every 3 hours since it get’s wiped out, despite the amount of higher SPF it have. And I have always begrudged skin care brands who never disclose the complete ingredient list. They always mention either active ingredients or natural one and Base QS. Base is the best one which contain all the chemicals and they never mention those. Many so called herbal and ayurvedic brands are guilty of these – Forest Essentials, Patanjali and many others. I do not trust these brands at all. Really good article Shibri. 🙂

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