How to Shop For Sunglasses

We all know the importance of accessories in fashion. Pairing the right accessories together can add so much to an outfit. Some like funky jewellery some love their rings and some just drool over nice bangles. Choices vary from person to person and as far as I am concerned the one thing that is most important for me are my pair of sunglasses.

sunglassesIn my opinion a good pair of glasses can make you look glamorous like nothing else. This does not mean that you need to have a Prada or a D&G to fit the bill, any stuff that suits your pockets will do. However, it is always safe to spend on good quality sunglasses rather than buying a cheap pair just for the sake of fashion.

Choosing a pair that suits you is the most crucial task but by keeping in mind few points you can definitely come out winner.

sunglassesSome tips for choosing sunglasses:

•    Before buying sunglasses always check for UVA and UVB protection. A rating of 100 percent protection is a must after all it is about your eyes. Strength of UV sunglasses can be checked by following these few basic steps:

1.    If you can see your eyes through the lens then they are too light to block the UVA and UVB rays.
2.    Hold it in front of yourself and look at the lens. If the tint of the whole lens is not uniform then the UV protection is not identical for the whole eye.

•    Comfort comes next in the list. Instead of blindly following the fashion go for sunglasses that are comfortable to wear. Frames should fit on your nose and ears properly. Your eyelashes should not touch the lenses.
•    Look for polycarbonate lenses as they are durable and lightweight.
•    Always choose sunglasses according to your face shape and not according to the style in fashion.
•    Look for polarized lenses as they help to reduce the glare.
•    Green tinted glasses are a safe bet as they reduce the glare and filter the blue light as well. Look for glasses that can filter blue light as it is supposed to damage the retina.
•    Rose tinted glasses are the best option for a sportsperson as they give better contrast for objects.
•    Sunglasses should also match your skin tone. Choosing a pair that is in contrast with your skin tone would not help. A pair that enhances your skin tone and hair color will always draw more attention.
•    People with larger face need larger glasses; people with small face must always avoid large sunglasses. Always remember this basic rule before buying sunglasses for yourself.
•    To keep your eyes safe go for round or oval lenses.
•    If you can take someone with you. Second opinion always helps.


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Hope these tips would help you grab the best pair for yourself.
Enjoy shopping.

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