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Aashima Asks:

Hey Guys! i live in Delhi. i am post grad student. i love experimenting with new trends esp with bags.but as u are aware there are very few places in India where you can find the latest trends in bags without burning a whole in your pocket. i was wondering if you know some good workshop in Delhi where someone would be ready to stitch leather and other material bags as per given designs. Also i have my heart set on a bag from asos.com. The site says it ships to India for free. does anyone know if there are any other costs to be borne by me?what are the custom charges like?i remember Shivangi mentioning (here)that she likes asos.com. so this question is specially for you Shivangi!

Thanks everyone!


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  1. aashima i dont think you have to pay for any customs as regarding bags, i guess you should take a round at the hauz khas village. You might find someone there. 🙂

  2. hi aashima….i havent shopped from asos anytime….but i think if your shopping exceeds a certain mount it might attract custom charges…but i really don’t think you will be shopping upto that amount…because the limit set is high enough to accommodate our shopping. 😀 …..And yes as far as your love for bags is concerned…i really have very limited knowledge about delhi….but mumbai….you can check out heera panna….you will get all the designer fakes out here…I myself fell for a rose shaped judith leiber clutch which was priced at over a lakh & half….but in HP…i got the true copy for 8 grands….. 😀 😀 😀

  3. Hey Aashima! Sorry dude but I don’t know much about bag places in Delhi even though I’m from there :P, I’ve more of a shoe fetish 🙂 But i do suggest going to Shahpur Jaat at Sirifort Road cos’ thts the place a lot of designers have their work shops and shops like the Shoe Garage who make shoes to order so maybe they can point you in the right direction for bags too.
    Regarding asos.com they do ship for free and there are no custom charges as far as I know, however, my experiences have been bitter sweet and none of it was their fault. I ordered for a pair of shoes that never reached me and I suspect that is due to the inefficiency of the Indian postal system. Sadly they do not provide tracking for regular postal packages, only the express packages for which you have to pay an additional 10 pounds. Due to this I ordered the second package to be sent to a friend in UK and then she mailed it to me through regular post which did reach me intact. For the shoes they readily offered to refund the amount I had paid, however, it didn’t really reach my account due to some online glitches. Sigh!
    Don’t mean to get you apprehensive, just aware. Hope this helps 🙂

  4. Hi Aashima
    I have shopped from asos a couple of times and like Shivangi I have also had my share of bitter experiences!
    Well I ordered four times and three times my order was there before time and in perfect condition..but this one time there was no clue about my package and I agree with Shivangi it’s because of our postal system’s inefficiency HUH!
    But I was refunded my money quickly 😀
    Shipping and delivery is free and no worrying about customs either YAHOO!
    I think you should go ahead and make the purchase purchase, asos is very reliable, that’s what my experience says!
    Good luck and happy shopping 🙂

    1. Hey Mehr and Shivangini, (:

      I recently found ASOS.com and was researching about it when I came across this site and your comments. Does ASOS really ship to India for free? I read somewhere that the international shipping rate is almost $30. Is this true? I mean, it might have changed but still. :/ Please do let me know. I’ve found a killer pair of shoes (Aldo) and I’m dying to buy it. 😛

      Thanks! 🙂

  5. @Rati: i know every bloody corner of hkv. there are workshops of diff designers there.and they are under contract to work only for them.someone told me jaswant place near sarojni.will check that out.

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