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Aruna asks:


My husband and me are traveling to Europe in April/May . While UK (London, Liverpool and Leeds) and Spain (Asturias) are part of an official trip, my husband will join me at the end of my official trip and we will roam around Europe a bit and visit more of Spain (Barcelona), Italy (Rome) and France (Paris) too since I am half way there already.

Can you please recommend some inexpensive stores for clothes and some drug store brands for makeup in UK and Spain?


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30 thoughts on “Shopping in UK & Spain: Ask IMBB

  1. Hi

    About UK…. dont miss Superdrug & Boots….. for the slightly expensive range, try Mark & Spencers.. ASDA also has some great discounts on garnier, l’oreal, etc.

    Boots & Superdrug has great offers like buy 2 take 3, buy three for 10 Pounds, etc. throughout the year…. Their own branded stuff are also too good…. Accessories are to die for for the price..

    For Clothes…. primark is cheap and has a lot of variety…. Matalan is one of my personal favourites… its a balance between styles, varieties and moderately priced…. for costlier stuff go to M&S… ASDA also has some clothing line and bags (pretty good) and slippers…

    Hope this is of some help…

  2. SUPER DRUG!!!!!! you have to go to super drug in Britain
    n boots for little things here n there, also chek primark for simple clothes and shoes (i dint find anything much in primark manchester though, everything was made in India :P)
    and spain ka i donno 🙁 but waiting to hear!
    have a safe and super trip!

  3. Even writing abt it gets me excited…. the endless counters, products, SAs….WOW… have a blast… happy shopping….
    When U get back pls promise to post pics of yr haul….

    1. I can tell you about london.. Do go to Primark they sell superb clothes, bags and shoes at very reasonable price. The store is at oxford street, westfiled mall and many many other places-just go to their website and look for store nearest you. Primark is always crowded so avoid going on weekends.
      Peacock is also very good for clothes. Most of the stores are closing now so they have bumper sale going on.
      Oxford street is the place where most of the people shop. It is very high end shopping area and most of the stores have sale in it. Do try Khatii rolls at poland street (khati roll factory)@oxford street (i know off the topic 😛 )

      You can also try Shepard’s bush market. It is also very affordable.
      For cosmetics- there is superdrug store, boots.

      Hope this helps. If you need in some particular area of london- let me know

      1. No No. this is all very helpful. I have my cousins in london so will drag them to Poland street. Nothing like eating indian food in some foren desh. am getting such wonderful info. thanks so much Shweta.

  4. Sleek!!! MUA!! Rimmel London etc are a must buy from UK 😀 they are available at most of the stores like boots an superdrug…in europe check out the skin care range..especially in France..most of the good brands for sensitive skin are France based like Avene, La roche posay etc

    1. Oh right!! La roche Posay..i mean all these years have just bought these all over but France. will be an experience in itself to pick up L’oreal products in France. 🙂

  5. For clothes Primark is great – if you are in London go to the one near Bond street, its big and good! H&M is my fav too although may not be as cheap as Primark. Also, Spain – do check out Zara, Stradivarius -both are spanish brands so you might want to check them out 😀
    For makeup, skincare – as everyone unanimously agreed – Boots, Superdrug 😀

    1. Most definitely will check Zara and Stradivarious. sound only so spanish. Ya i think now with makeup and clothes in UK i am kinda set with where I want to shop at. I like these chotu motu shops for general buying. easy on the pocket and that will help for sure. 🙂

  6. Hi Aru… Wow A European holiday.. sounds awsome… Without fail check out Zara in Barca, its a must visit store when in Spain.. also check out Mango.. …Ive heard that Zara store in barcelona is the cheapest… a lot cheaper compared to India and UK too… Accesorize is a UK brand hence should be quiet cheap there compared to India…H&M is also a must visit in UK.. U can visit GAP too…will come back with some more details soon… Will ask my frnds who’ve been there… guess im more excited abt u shopping than u are… hehehe lol…

    1. hahahha..ya i know the feeling. I will definitely checkout Zara. I have 2 days in London but about 12 days in other parts of UK so am definitely hoping to find relatively cheaper places there to shop at versus in London. 🙂 Will certainly be sharing pics once I get back. After all this info I am getting from all you lovely ppl, i hope I do go and shop something smart and sensiible:)

      1. I agree to you.. It happens with me… I plan plan and plan abt places to shop at and then I realise i dnt have so many days to go shopping… Now my mantra is “keep atleast two days for shopping when ur visting a place dats famous for shopping / have lots to offer..”
        can I give you my list also ??? hehehehe…

  7. I am taking notes myself. Would totally be pestering you aruna when we plan our trip to europe. :)) enjoyy and I am dying to see your pics already 😛

    1. Thanks Rati. You are very welcome. No pestering and all. Would be happy to assist.

      I am so looking forward to it and now that I have all this info from this group I know exactly what to look for. Will certainly be taking lots of photos and would be most happy to share with you all.

  8. Hii..
    I would like to give some suggestions as I am here in Uk…

    Drug store cosmetics – Boots & Superdrug but u ll get some brands for offer price from Savers,ASDA and some outlet shops depends on which city you are going.
    Expensive Branded cosmetics- MAC,NARS,etc and you can check for sigma brushes also if you are interested.

    Dress- Primark(cheaper but chk for quality before u buy),Next(super style but bit expensive),h&M(cheap but not of great styles always),M&S(more expensive but worth each penny;super quality&style)ZARA,TOPSHOP,MANGO(for super syles).
    Explore TKMAX where you get some hair products like shampoos of TIGI,Joico for less price and bags and shoes too.

    And dont forget to check for outlet shops of M&S(where u get dresses for less than £10) ,GAP,NIKE,Clarks(footware n bags) and for some branded cosmetics where u get items for less than half price.
    And try to grab some stylish swim suits and lingerie 😀

    Shopping in UK is not a big deal as if you go to city center all shops are there under one roof and in the same local area so you can explore all the shops and find what all you want.
    hope this helps 🙂
    Enjoy your trip and have a wonderful holiday !!!!!


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